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How to Make Money Blogging, and Writing Online

Updated on April 23, 2014

How do Blogs Make Money

Blogs can make money by ads that are placed on your blog. The best affiliate any blogger can use to earn money blogging is without a doubt AdSense. But, there are others such as Kontera, and Chitika. These affiliates allow you to place ads on your blog so that when people visit your blog and click on those ads you will earn a percentage from those clicks.

Some ads are pictures, some are links that are within the text, even some animated, moving games, and others are text ads in boxes that are usually placed at the sides of the blogging text. AdSense is king because they use targeted ads that make the view more than twice as likely to click on the ads.

An AdSense account is not easy to get. They require seeing some of your work before handing you the right to earn money from them. That means blogging for nothing for a while. I have discovered a way to get an AdSense account much faster and less painfully, and that is to join WebAnswers and answer at least 50 questions, which does not take long. This is the fastest and simplest way of getting an AdSense account because they basically give it to you provided you are being articulate and serious when answering questions. To join WebAnawers click here.

Another way blogs make money is through selling products through amazon or zazzle. Both of these sites have products such as personalized mugs, electronics and makeup that you can place on your blog to gain a percentage of the sales to your account. With these sites you may go straight to amazon, or zazzle affiliates and begin placing products that pertain to your blogs subject.

If you have a blog it is wise to experiment with several ways of promoting products. Some bloggers have had tremendous success with amazon while others swear by Zazzle.

One of the greatest ways of earning from a blog is to write an ebook. It does not have to be huge, but a "how to" book that you sell for a small profit can result in a great monthly income. Many bloggers have gotten a fan base by giving away a small ebook for free, in exchange for an email address. This way updates and other promotions can be sent out regularly.

Gaining Traffic

On of the most difficult things about owning a blog is gaining an audience. There are ways of getting some quick traffic such as submitting your blog to Digg, Stumbleupon, or Delicious. Remember that this is usually not the best quality traffic, as it often results in people simply clicking on your blog and then hitting the back button. This is referred to as a bounce factor, and actually makes your blog look bad overall, because people are not hanging around to read your content.

I highly recommend Blogger as your first blogging platform because it is free. That means the early first few months are a lot less painful due to perhaps a slight trickle of money coming in from random clicks, but nothing going out. It is also set up to make the blogging experience very easy as far as adding amazon, AdSense, and just about anything else.

One of the best ways to get your blog going is to start your blogger blog, and then start using tumblr.


Tumblr is an easy to use, and un -intimidating blogging platform, known as a tumblelog, that sits halfway between a microblogging tool like Twitter and regular blogging tool like Blogger. It allows users to effortlessly share or stream just about anything. Although Tumblr and competitors such as Posterous don't offer as much functionality or flexibility as a regular blog, they are easier to maintain and create posts. A great way to learn the craft of blogging. One of the nice things about a Tumbleog is that it lets you post longer and more detailed updates than you can do with a microblogging tool such as Twitter.

Tubmelogs are great option if you would like to begin blogging, and don't care to be troubled with all the complications of a bigger blogging platform. Even if you already have a serious blog, tumbleogs can be a great supplement to your blog while away from home, since they let you post easily and quickly from you phone and e-mail. If you have videos on YouTube and photos on another site; Tumblr will combine them and put them in one easy place to view.

There are six types of content that Tumblr will allow as posts: text, photos videos, quotes, links, and intant-message conversations. You may easily interface with other Tumblr bloggers; for example if you read a post you want to share it with your audience too. In this way Tumblr harnesses users, which in turn gives you added exposure for your business to your own readers.

More About Tumblr

  • Bookmarklet is a popular tool on Tumblr. It allows you to quickly and easily post web content to your account from within your browser. Besides posting new content to Tumblr, you can import feeds from other places where you have a presence, such as Blogger, Twitter, Flickr and Digg. When you link these feeds, making an update on any of those sites means that it will post that update to your Tumblr account too.
  • Starting a Tumblr blog is easy; once you have entered your information, give your blog a title and description, and integrate all social media sites that you use. Each time you post on one of these sites, you may have it cross-posted on Tumblr.
  • You may install a Facebook applicatin widget that lets you share your Tumblr content with your Facebook friends by incorporation your Tumblr activity into newsfeed.
  • If you own an i phone, and like to post while on the go, download the Tumblr application for i-phone and you may instantly post content including photos, text, and other media found online using the i-phone straight to your Tumblr account. With this application you may also post multiple tumbleogs, without having to log in each time, as after installation this application integrates with the Dashboard.

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      Pramod 3 years ago

      The puhsarces I make are entirely based on these articles.

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      Of the panoply of website I've pored over this has the most veatricy.

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      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      I have heard this site mentioned on other hubs but didn't know what it was. Thanks for posting this information. I may have to look into this soon.

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      Frank Hobson 5 years ago from Dumaguete City

      You can link Tumblr to you main website and get lots of Google juice!

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      I've considered it but never taken the plunge. Sounds like it can't hurt. Thanks for the heads up.

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      Thank you way2workfromhome and point2make. Great names BTW.

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      I have not started blogging yet but you make tumblr sound easy to use and quick to learn. I'll check it out. Thanks for the info....I appreciate it.

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      Great hub. I am also using tumblr to promote my blog posts.