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How to Use Word of Mouth Advertising

Updated on May 7, 2015
Get new contacts wherever you go
Get new contacts wherever you go

More than likely you have a cousin or an uncle who promotes MLM programs non-stop on facebook. If so, you’ve probably put him on ignore by now. When I suggest bugging friends and family, I don’t really mean you should annoy them with incessant pressure to visit your website, buy your product, or sign up for something with your referral link.

However, “putting out feelers,” as they say, can’t hurt. More than likely you have three generations of friends and family members on facebook or in your email address book. Send out a quick message or update your status with a brief message pertaining to the product or service you’re promoting. Let everyone know that you’re excited about it and you just wanted to let everyone else know, and that they can ask you more questions if they’re interested.

Don’t be a salesman unless someone is truly interested.

Another way to use your friends and family members to your advantage is to ask them to help you out. You can offer them a finder’s fee if they bring you in some money, so throwing out incentives is always a good idea.

If your teenage cousin wants some extra cash, ask her to hand out your business cards on her college campus. If your Aunt really believes in your business, and she just happens to have a big mouth, ask her to spread the word for you. Of course, use your common sense and don’t ask anyone to do anything that might get them in trouble. You may find that they are more than happy to help you succeed.


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