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How to Work Wisely Instead of Excessively: Home-Based Business Success

Updated on May 1, 2017

Working Excessively can take away the peace and joy of life. The fear of not meeting deadlines and losing to the competition can wreak havoc upon your home business and performance. As a result, low productivity and lack of quality service can result in customer anger and dissatisfaction.

The ultimate result of excessive work is burnout. Studies show that 23% of people involved in excessive work will experience some level of clinical depression. A depressed individual becomes an emotional liability to his or her home-based business. Low motivation and lack of productivity become a reality. As a result, defects are overlooked and mistakes are made consistently.

Origin of Excessive Work Habits

Losing our Livelihood

Some of us depend on our home-based business for life, liberty, and happiness. If our niche were to disappear today, we would be left out in the cold, without direction, food or shelter. Therefore, we put in 12 to 15 hours a day to keep our business afloat. We believe that if we slack up and relax at a 9 to 5 work- level, we cannot fulfill the needs of our customers and the competition will win them over.

Losing to the Competition

The goal of starting a home-based business is to reach customers and sell our products and services. We are not alone. The competition has the same intention. We want to surpass the competition, so we work excessively to outwit them and gain a greater customer base.

Our intention is to build more trust and reliability than that of our rival home-based business down the street. So, we sometimes stay up all night attempting to get projects completed.


Stop Working Excessively and Start Working Wisely

Obviously, if you want to get your home-based business back on track and operating smoothly, you must make a huge attitude adjustment. This change may be difficult at first, but with strong commitment, you will be successful.

First, acknowledge that you are in a dangerous situation. Not only is the success of your business at stake, but also your health is under threat. Excessive work equals excessive stress, and stress can cause all types of physical illnesses, including diabetes, strokes and heart attacks.

How Hard do Your Work?

Are You Working Excessively and Missing Out of the Fun things of Life?

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Consider for whom you are killing yourself. Fear of being beaten by the competition or fear of losing your customers isn’t worth destroying the quality of your physical and emotional life. Your worth is much more than that.

Assess your performance and determine the type of tools you need to reduce the stress of attempting to get everything done yourself. Automation technology, data storage, and accounting software can go a long way in taking over some of the multi-tasking you may be attempting to complete.

If you have very little idea what’s out there in terms of time-saving technology, talk to a business consultant who can give you valuable advice.

Create a schedule with reasonable deadlines. Also, avoid squeezing an excessive number of tasks within a timeframe of one or two hours.


Allow time for the completion of tasks and projects. Quality should take preference over quantity when it comes to offering the best service or products to customers.

Take frequent breaks during the day. The mind needs time to rebound from chaos and redevelop clarity of thought. Walking around the block and observing the color of flowers or listening to the sound of children playing in the park will go a long way in helping you realize that life is not all about work and desperation.

Consider outsourcing some of your work instead of working on weekends. Instead of working Saturday and Sunday from sunrise to sundown, spend time with family or go out and socialize with friends. Relax in on a beach or go fishing just for fun. You will be surprised at the sense of mental and physical renewal you will gain.

The Bottom Line

By creating a balance between your work life and recreational life, you will be able to find greater meaning and purpose for being on the planet. In addition, you will be able to grow your home-based business the right way, providing quality of product and service to your customers.

Your extraordinary transformation will eventually stimulate success in other aspects of your life and affairs.


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    • eddie02white profile image

      Edward White 

      17 months ago from Washingon Dc


      Thank you for your insights.


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