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How to Write Direct Mail for Cosmetics

Updated on July 26, 2014
Direct Mail Pack For Lakme European Orchids Collection
Direct Mail Pack For Lakme European Orchids Collection | Source

This is a direct mailer I created at Ogilvy & Mather Direct for Lakme. The objective was to push the new shades for the season. Notice how each element leads to the next one.

For example, the headline on the envelope leads to the letter which leads to the brochure and then to the response device. The elements should also be placed in the right order so that the recipient sees the right thing at the right time. The cover of both the envelope and brochure feature the lovely Indian supermodel Lisa Ray and the motif of autumn leaves as they come in many shades of brown.

Direct Mail Letter For Cosmetics - Sample
Direct Mail Letter For Cosmetics - Sample | Source

Direct Mail Letter for Lakme's European Orchids Collection

The envelope line reads:

Brown's on the ramps in Paris, London and Milan. Discover the brown just right for you!

The letter follows:

Dear Lady,

You are, I believe, that rare kind of woman - The Orchids Woman. For having already tried cosmetics from The Orchids collection, you have seen for yourself that they are truly international. Which is why I am writing to you with exclusive news.

The look in the fashion capitals of the world right now is "au naturel" and browns are big. On eyes, lips, in clothes and shoes.

What's more, you have the natural advantage of a complexion to match. For, no other colour complements Indian complexions as does brown in its many hues. And only The Orchids brings them to you this festive season.

Bask in Browns – The Orchids European Collection from Lakme has just the brown for you.

An entire range of brand new shades of browns just right for you! Gentle on your skin and specially formulated for Indian complexions and climate.

The Orchids Festive Offer

The Orchids presents a special festive offer for privileged customers like you. A 10% off on any of The Orchids cosmetics you buy before January 31, 1997.

Enclosed is a set of 5 coupons that bear your personal code and entitle you to the festive offer. Just hand over the coupon to the sales person at the counter on each purchase of Orchids.

The brochure enclosed tells you all about The Orchids Bask in Browns and how to pick your own shade. It gives you many beauty tips from supermodels around the world.

So for this festive season – greetings to the new, international, beautiful you!

Yours Sincerely,

Sangeeta Joshi

Customer Service Manager

P.S: Please fill in and mail the enclosed questionnaire - "What makes the Orchids Woman rare?" and you, The Orchids Woman, will regularly receive the latest information on The Orchids range and the international trends in cosmetics.

Direct Mail Cosmetics Brochure Cover
Direct Mail Cosmetics Brochure Cover | Source
Direct Mail Cosmetics Brochure - Inside
Direct Mail Cosmetics Brochure - Inside | Source
Direct Mail Brochure Section
Direct Mail Brochure Section | Source

Direct Mail Brochure for Lakme

The brochure is a four-fold affair.

Cover Headline: Upon my lips, eyes and hands are the colours of earth and autumn leaves . . .

Page 1: Headline: The Orchids Presents

Bask in Browns

The European Collection from Lakme

Subhead: The Orchids- a truly international collection

The Orchids European collection from Lakme presents the new Bask in Browns. Colours that are on the ramps in London, Paris and Milan and now in India for the Orchids Woman.

Page 2 - Headline: The new Bask in Browns collection specially created for the Indian woman

Inspired by the hues of earth, autumn leaves, sunsets and chocolate, the Bask in Browns collection si an entire range of new shades of brown specially created to complement your complexion. Brought to you from The Orchids.

The expert beauty counselor at The Orchids Counter will help you choose lipstick, eye shadow, blusher and nail enamel from the Bask in Browns range to match your particular complexion.

Here are some tips on how to choose the right colours for your complexion,

Dusky Darling: Bask in the glory of these brown shades which were created to bring out the dramatic best in you. Use the Plum, Burgundy and Deep Chocolate shades and unleash the mysterious Diva in you.

Blusher: Burgundy Eye shadow: Burgundy

Lipstick/nail enamel: 719, 723,727

Golden Girl: Revel in your golden tan and get adventurous with the shades of Hot Brick, Tasty Coffee and Chocolate Mousse.

Blusher: Sandstone, Burgundy Eye shadow: Chocolate

Lipstick/nail enamel: 717, 723, 726

Fair Lady: Set off your complexion in sharp contrast with these browns. Shades of Caramel and Light Coffee are what you need for that fresh and natural look.

Blusher: Sandstone Eye shadow: Caramel

Lipstick/nail enamel: 721, 723

Pages 3-4 - Headline: Fashion Watch – From The Orchids

Subhead: Unforgettable Hands

Have you ever avoided nail polish because of the fuss that goes into matching it with your clothes or lipstick? If so, now is the time to throw those rules out of the window, for on the ramps of Paris, Milan and London, they’re doing it too. Talons are out, short nails are in. And the colours to go for this yaer are all shades of brown.

Subhead: Lush Lips, Exotic Eyes

This season models look like they’ve walked straight from sidewalk to catwalk. There si bronze shimmwr on eyes, cheeks ad lips – a clean, minimalist, healthy look.

Highlight one feature: The trend is to paint either eyes (liner is still essential, but smudged with a pale grey eye shadow) or lips – berry rich or almost bare. Never both. For a more dramatic look, use a sheer metallic eye shadow or lipstick.

Lip gloss is in: Exotic eyes balance with glossed lips. Yes, lip gloss is back, making lips lusher. And the browns, of course, are in. Just right for your skin. To give you a natural, sun-kissed look.

Subhead: Brown – the New Black

Brown is the hottest basic, as trendy as black. And the little black dress is the little brown dress. Think futuristic fabrics with lots of hi-tech shine. Try anything vinyl. There are short skirts, long skirts, gowns, Capri pants and free-falling wide-legged trousers. Grey (with a sheen to give it a lift) and moss green are also big colours in clothes.

Subhead: What’s afoot?

Ballet pumps, very flat-heeled, very stylish, great with Capri pants and dirndl skirts. Comfortable too. Also parading the ramps are square toe courts with tailored skirts that stop at or above the knee. There’s the ultra chic low heeled Kittenheel slingback that goes with almost anything and looks great with long hemlines. Or slip on thonged stiletto heeled sandals to make a tailored trouser suit or summer dress less formal. Perfect fr the newankle length skirt or hipster trousers. Wedge sandals complement most fashion looks and are easy to strut around in. Go for natural tights or bare legs.

Subhead: The Word on Hair

Supermodels have been giving up their manes for really short crops. Or going for short back and sides with a full and softly layered crown. As well as being androgynous and liberated, the short crop is ideal for today’s spare, lean clothing and never fails to get the fashionable talking. Dare to colour your hair in new arresting shades with the various hair colours now available in India.

Direct Mail Response Device - Lakme
Direct Mail Response Device - Lakme | Source


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