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How & Ways to Get In Your Dream Job Set For Her At Any Age With Discrimination is Rampant in Resume!

Updated on April 28, 2016
Unfortunately, age discrimination is real.
Unfortunately, age discrimination is real.
Refresh your computer skills to stay marketable.
Refresh your computer skills to stay marketable.

The Age Factor

The Truth about Age Discrimination and Hiring

Unfortunately, when looking for a job, age is a factor, even though there are, of course, anti-age discrimination laws in hiring practices.

Try as you might, there is no way to force someone to look beyond your face (as well as an assumption of your age), when you are interviewing for a job. However, before the job interview, comes the resume. Let's cross that hurdle first!

You have to get your feet in the door via a good resume, in order to even be considered for a job interview, which will hopefully materialize into your dream job.

The resume has been around for a long time now as a means for employers to decide who to hire as well as who not to hire for a position.

Resumes may be submitted online, by mail or even by what I would call walk-ins. I performed walk-ins and handed in my resume, personally, many times; however, I think I prefer the ease of using the internet as well as the various mail services. Also, sometimes the key to landing your dream job is the volume of resumes you send out. Walk-ins would not be beneficial if you plan to go with volume in order to get a job!

In this article, I do not plan to go into the mechanics of how to write a resume in detail. There are numerous resources in the library, book stores, online and elsewhere that you can go to in order to get detailed information on how to write a resume. There are even pay-for-fee resume services where you can pay for someone else to write your resume for you!

I want to talk to you about how to write your own resume when age is a factor, especially if you think you may be discriminated because of it. The focus of this article is for those who may not get job interviews and subsequently jobs due to their advanced age, vice being too young.

How to Write your Resume

When you think of art, you may envision visiting a museum, and admiring the paintings and arts of those well-known artists and painters from long ago.

When you are in a museum, do you stay for long hours at a time looking at the same painting over and over again? Probably not. More than likely, you look at the painting, admire the intrincities and beauty of the painting and continue on to the next painting exhibit. However, before you leave the museum, you may want to go back and take another look at that painting, just one more time to revel in its beauty before you leave.

Try to use this analogy in writing your resume. You want to hold the attention of whoever is reading your resume and you also want them to return later to take another look at your resume after looking at all the others -- for further consideration.

A note here: Some companies use resume software to skim your resume, before a human looks at it. That is why it is very important to tailor your resume to the particular job you are applying for. Do not use a generic resume that you routinely send out to different companies. You must read each job opening that describes the skills, etc. that the position requires, and make sure you are putting in key words (without copying the job description) when you write and submit your resume.

How to bypass the "Age Guessing" on Your Resume

Let's say you have a resume completed and ready to be submitted, however, from past experience you know that some people over a certain age, usually 40 and up (sometimes younger), are ceremoniously elminated based simply on their age alone. You may have heard excuses (and that is what I call them, excuses), that you are "overqualified" for the job, which is another way of saying that you are too old for the position, or maybe that the job and your specific (extensive) experience do not match the work the job entails. Of course there are many, many excuses potential employers may use to keep from hiring you. But the real reason may be your age.

Did you enjoy problem solving in school? Remember those problems where you were given a scenario, as well as a conclusion, but you had to figure out how the conclusion was reached. Some problems just gave you the scenario, and you had to figure out the correct conclusion!

Similarly, a potential employer may look at your resume and be able to tell at a glance your age.

How? Simply by considering the year you graduated from high school, and comparing it with the current year. For example, suppose you graduated from high school in 1989. Well, the normal graduation age is 17 or 18, depending on when you have your birthday. The current year is 2013. So you subtract the current year, 2013 from 1989, when you graduated from high school and you get 24 years. Add 17 (the age you graduated from high school ), and the result is (24 + 17 = 41). So based on your high school graduation date, you are 41 years old, probably competing with a 20 something year old possibly just out of college who could be hired at a lower salary than you!

See how easy it is to eliminate yourself from job consideration, simply by including your high school graduation date in your resume?

How do you get around this? Simply just leave it out when you are writing your own resume. In fact, when writing your resume, deter from the chronological date driven type resume where you start from the date of your high school graduation, college, and so on to the jobs you have had until the current date. Personally, for you, it may be interesting and fun to go down memory lane, but your goal is to get a job interview and maybe a job -- not to be entertained by your memories!

The easiest way to eliminate the prospect of having the employer calculate your age is to have a task, or project type based resume instead of a chronological one. In other words, you discuss the companies you worked for previously, in no particular order, without including dates. Be sure to tie your responsibilities in with the requirements for the job you are applying for.

Can't get around the dates?

Suppose you are completeing an automated type resume online, that calls for high school graduation and/or college graduation dates, and there is no way to get around not completing the dates. For example, you may receive messages stating this information is mandatory before you can proceed further in completing your resume online.

There is still a way to come out ahead! Without telliing any untruths, of course, if you have recently taken college courses, even it they are specialty driven, make sure you include those dates in your resume. Hopefully you have taken classes within recent years that do not seem too far back in the past and will date you!

Also adding current training dates gives the potential employer the perception that you are still highly employable, ready to take on and learn new job skills! And remember, perception is reality!

If you haven't taken any recent courses, google training courses and search the internet! There are many courses available online, as well as at your local colleges and universities. At one time, you could matriculate a class by just attending as an observer, which you can list on your resume as well. Inquire about this option at a college or university, if you are interested.

Your goal is to be able to post current and recent training dates on your resume. If it is certified training, this is even better. You may be able to list certificates earned that you can list with recent completion dates.

Be computer savy!

Yes -- computers are a mainstay in businesses now. The worst thing you can do is to come across as being uncomfortable, or leery of new technology. Open up your mind and realize that it is up to you to adapt and change to meet the growing demands of a computer based world as well as employment market.

There may be an unfair stereotype that people of a certain age may not be up to learning new things. Have you heard the phrase, "He or she is set in her ways."

Being set in your ways is no way to conquer age discrimination in the job market. Instead you may be feeding the fire, and making it difficult for others who really want to not only learn new technology, but to go even further and embrace it.

So if you are not comfortable with computers, then take beginning classes, or other training to get you ready and prepared for the job market.


I would be amiss not to include the importance of networking as much as possible. Get the word out that you are in the job market, and you may rget your dream job by talking to all the right people. There are many sucess stories of people who have obtained jobs by networking!

Have a positive outlook!

Regardless of your age, keep and retain a positive outlook! You know the value you can add to a job based on your vast amount of experience as well as your eagerness and willingness to learn new technogy and new job requirements. Based on your wealth of knowledge, you can contribute a lot to a company or organization. Let it show on your resume!

Full Steam Ahead!

Go out there in the job market, full steam ahead! Compete for and obtain that dream job of yours regardless of your age!

It is yours for the taking!


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