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How to add Adsense blocks to your blog

Updated on September 27, 2011

HTML code to Add Adsense block

HTML code to add Adsense block inside posts
HTML code to add Adsense block inside posts

Why placement is important

For people who are new to making money online Adsense in one of the easiest ways to make money online. You don't have to worry about finding advertisers , preparing contracts etc and all you have to worry about is producing content. One of the main reasons most blogger don't make money with Adsense is that they don't get enough traffic. Traffic is the key to making money online and without traffic you want earn much with Adsense or any other program. Getting traffic is also not enough to make money with Adsense , you have to test out with different ad block , different placements etc and have to find out which block performs well for you. You can do this using channels which is provide to you in your Adsense account. Most blogs with high traffic fails to make a decent amout with Adsense because they only add Adsense using widgets and hope for the best. In this hub I will show you some ways to add your Adsense ads inside posts , how to add a leaderboard adsense block and how to align your adsense blocks for a much nicer looking layout.

How to add Adsense block inside the post

Experienced hubbers always advice to add long first paragraph in your hub and the reason is then an Adsense ad block is displayed inside the post. In alomst all of my blogs the highest performing Adsense block is the one added inside posts. The reason is pretty simple , because they are so close to the content they are hightly relevant , they easily catch the readers eye and they are the perfect choice for readers who are looking to leave your page. Below is an single page screen shot of my Make money online from blogging blog , you can see that the Adsense block is inside the post.

Adsense block inside post screen shot

Adsense block inside the post
Adsense block inside the post

Code to add the Adsense block inside the post

I have used the <div> tag in HTML to add this Adsense block. What the <div> tag does is it defines a section, and it has an attribute called style which you can use to align it to left right or center. In the image above I have aligned it to right because I wanted to give preference to the content first , but if you are using this in a niche site build for Adsense then aligning it to left will probably give better results. I have added this in the single.php file in Wordpress installation but this will work fine in blogspot blog or any other hosted service. The image to the right show the proper way to add the coding.

The Adsense poll

Do you use Adsense ? If so have you added them inside posts ?

See results

Code to add a leader board Adsense block

HTML code to add a leader board Adsense block
HTML code to add a leader board Adsense block

How to add a leaderboard Adsense block

Leader board Adsense blocks are the 728 x 90 long horizontal ad blocks which you find mostly in forums. They are also a high performing block since it is the first thing that catches your visitors eye. They tend to perform very well in forums and community sites. If you are using Wordpress installation then the you need to add it just after the header section. Of Course if you want to add it after navigation etc then you can do that as well. If you are using a blogspot blog you can add it as the first thing the in body section. The image to the side shows shows the code you need t add the Adsense block. The align center part is important so your blog will have that professional look.

Other ways to add Adsense to your blog

I specifically mentioned those two above because you need to do some basic coding for them to work. Other than that you can use the text widget in Wordpress blogs and the HTML/JavaScript gadget in blogspot blogs to add the Adsense blocks in your blogs side bar. The most important thing to remember is that adding Adsense and getting traffic is not enough to make money from Adsense. You need to try out different Ad formats , different colors , different placement etc and measure your results. These things can be measured using Adsense channels which are provided in your Adsense account and can be added to your block easily. Only thorough experimenting can you find out the best performing Adsense block for your blog. For users who are having a hard time getting accepted to the Adsense program they can use an alternative service like InfoLinks advertisements.

I hope you find this article useful and feel free to share this article ;)


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