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Updated on March 20, 2018
Maria Cecilia profile image

Maria Cecilia believes that writing is a pleasure and at the same time a challenge to her flexibility.


What We Think Of Our Office

Office is a place quite scary at first but after a month or two or even more, it becomes like our second home. A conducive place that we can work like we are not working at all, where pressure is something we overcame with hardwork, and familiarity with everyday activities, setting and atmosphere makes us masters of our jobs. It's like a role repeatedly portrayed, a natural phenomenon that can be compared to the never -ending sunrise and sunset.

Why Job Boredom Occurs

Doing the same thing everyday can cause job boredom. It is a nature to some human being to crave for a more challenging job and of course higher pay. But depending on a situation, boredom at work can just be a "phase" in a worker's life.


Job Hazards

Hazard means danger or risk. Applying it to job or workplace, it can be a situation or anyone in the group causing trouble, problem and difficulties. These Job hazards trigger boredom, that can become a major concern in the company.

Tips to Avoid Job Boredom

Other factors may affect your attitude towards your job like boss obviously showing favoritism while giving others a hard time, too much work but less benefits, inconsiderate boss, officemates with malicious intent always, or failed expectations.

Initial reaction is to resign, it can be a relief to some but still it is such a drastic move.... the first solution is to take things easy and then think twice, thrice or more. Maybe, a simple humility can save a good relationship from being ruined. Always remember, it won't kill to be humble, God wil bless you, help you with your struggles and will love you even more.

Let me share with you some tips on "How to avoid or lessen job boredom", in an office or workplace.

Colorful Day is a Happy Day
Colorful Day is a Happy Day | Source

1. Take Time To Refresh Yourself

Start picking up your "scattered brain". Take a minute or two to enjoy yourself. Too much concentration on your job sometimes is not helpful to you.

Don't wait for the water to boil and burst... meaning, don't allow yourself to explode, and throw your anger to the center of your fury. If one office mate is truly annoying, instead of scolding him or her that may cause crowd attention, try to leave your office, go to a rest room, canteen or anywhere away from them, take a deep breath, inhale, exhale, drink water, soda or coffee etc. If you think you are too tired and saturated, then take a short leave from work. You may need time to rest for a while. Don't wait for you to get sick because of too many things that you suppress deep inside of you


2. Think Of Your Financial Condition

Sometimes financial matters are enough to boost your willingness to work.

If you think your financial condition is critical, then probably leaving the work permanently may not be a good decision. Your goal must be to work hard to earn a living and anything that gets in a way to distract your concentration must be ignored. Don't ever leave your job without a sure replacement.


3. Work With Love And Loyalty

When you work with love, then it is not like you are working anymore.

You won't get bored when you work with love, loyalty is ones dedication to work. Since our job is the one that provided us our income, we should do our part to be worthy of the amount being paid to us. Having a straight values often lead us to right attitude and any good intention will surely get a reward. Always practise loyalty and sincerity.

Smiling although assigned to do fieldwork at flooded place
Smiling although assigned to do fieldwork at flooded place | Source

4. Add Variety To Your Job

Accept every new project as a challenge, and set your personal goals. Always focus on what you can contribute to the company before expecting more.

In reality, we don't always like the project assigned to us, and the worst we never like the people assigned to work with us, but we don't have a choice. Our dislike for one project must not affect our output, and personal grudge for office mates or team mates must be set aside because it is not necessary for the concern of the company. Always have a positive thoughts ready. Or listen to your favorite music while working, in that case you don't notice how time flies and yet you are producive.

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5. Think Of What You Will Learn While Fulfilling Your Job

Writing and presentation of a report is also a learning process. Adjusting your writing style according to the need of your company will make you a flexible writer. Using a presentation tool like power point, enhances computer skills, and presenting will develop you into a proper public speaker or trainor. So it is like learning three (3) basic things instantly.

Aside from learning technical things, the values that you learn while working is really very fulfilling.

And if possible, accept all opportunities to attend seminars or training.

6. Set Your Own Standard To Measure Your Improvement

Improvement is a sign of professional growth and maybe followed by a reward if not a possible promotion.

You compare your performance to your previous performance. If you can finish numbers of projects in a particular time frame last year, you must do better this year. If you have several tardiness in your record last year, you must aim for no lates this year.

Office attitude must also be observed here. If you think you complain a lot last year, try to be more obedient this year, challenge yourself to see how you progress.

7. Develop a Camaraderie among your fellow workers

A good relationship with your office mates is a big factor in preventing "Job Boredom". A happy environment makes a good working team. Although it is a rule to set aside personal grudge, nothing beats working in an environment where you don't have an existing issue or resentment to anyone.

You cannot get bored in a workplace where every one is happily working, where there are people who laugh with you and celebrate occasions with you.

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8. Find Your Personal Inspiration

Make an inspiration out of something. The choice is in your hands as to who or what your inspirations will be.

When we are inspired the inner peace and happiness are evident in our aura. Anything or anyone that can make us happy becomes our energizer. If something or someone is giving us too much joy, our happy disposition will spread like virus among our office mates.

Reasons that drive us to work hard with less resentment are our inspirations. Love ones that we want to provide with comfortable lives is one best reasons for us to work efficiently.


9. Ask For God's Help

Pray to God, He will help you decide for He alone knows what is good for you. He knows whether you are really meant to stay or not..

Nothing can equal the power of God when it comes to inner conflicts. there are times when situation in our office makes us feel hopeless and tired, we even wish we resign right away and turn our backs on the unfair office rules or office mates that we sometime think made our life difficult.

When in situation like those mentioned, the only thing we need is to pray to God, ask him to give us more strength in controlling our temper during challenging times. Pray for inner peace and wisdom so that we can always think before we react. Think of Jesus Christ beside you patting your back as if he is calming you down.


In Other Words,

We are only human, a workplace is not a paradise and our office mates or team mates are not angels, but always remember your goal why you are working. No one is telling you not to get mad or angry, but express it appropriately.

or sometimes ask yourself if you are happy, if you are no longer happy and nothing really works out for you, then probably it is about time to consider changing your career.

© 2010 Maria Cecilia


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    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 6 years ago from Philippines

      Hi Kerlyn thanks for visiting, I wonder who's the inspiration behind your cooking

    • kerlynb profile image

      kerlynb 6 years ago from Philippines, Southeast Asia, Earth ^_^

      LOOOOOVE the pic of the two doggies! Like what you said at number 8 - "Make an inspiration out of something." Sometimes, something apart from personal glory or money could drive us out of boredom and even to great heights. Voting this hub up and useful.

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 6 years ago from Philippines

      Sara thanks for visiting, you made me reread what I have written and realized I failed to follow number, now I am on leave because I am sick and a cousin told me I got it stress. I have stressful job last year...

    • profile image

      Sara 6 years ago

      I agree, especially with 9; I asked God for help and he responded.... I am leaving my job as many great job offers have come along... which to me is a sign to move on and leave my current job for my new one, that I have already accepted