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How to Pass your NCLEX-PN Exam on the First Time

Updated on January 1, 2014

What you need to know for NCLEX exam

I graduated from an LPN program and passed my NCLEX exam with flying colors! My exam stopped at about 75 questions.

Before taking the NCLEX exam I researched what the best and most efficient way is to study for this exam.

Here are 6 different things that I have done that helped me on this journey to pass my NCLEX exam and I think these will help you as well, I hope!!!


1. Review Book: Buy a good review book. This is very important and will definitely come in handy.

What I used was "The Comprehensive NCLEX-PN Review". I put a small section where you can buy it on Amazon (right hand side). This textbook is something I recommend to all graduating students. It's not test questions, it's a review of everything you need to know to pass your exam.

Here is some information about the textbook:

The Comprehensive NCLEX-PN Review.

  • 8th edition.
  • Meds Publishing.
  • Authors: Patricia A. Hoefler.

237 pages of review material and graphs.

By reading and going through this review, you will hopefully pass your NCLEX exam on the first time. There are also so many other materials that you can purchase that will help. I recommend that you get one NCLEX review book.

2. Study:

Take some time and study. Do not schedule your exam right away! I took a couple of months to study my material. I carefully went through each section of my NCLEX review. This way you can study a small amount of material and retain it better. It is definitely not wise to cram right before the NCLEX exam, so study a little bit at a time. Your brain needs rest just like the rest of your body. I actually did a chapter a day and went over it, over and over again. I then skimmed through the chapter I read and then the previous chapter.

3. Review:

Review the areas where you are struggling in the most, this will help save some studying and time. Don't read about the material you already know. I would suggest just skimming over that stuff and focusing more on the material where you struggled in the most. Open up your material and just skim through the whole book and highlight what you need to study and skip the areas where you are confident in.

4. Study Buddy:

Get a study buddy. Get together with a classmate or someone that you know that is also studying and quiz each other. Buy some good study materials, flash cards are always a great tool for studying. I have also looked at some good applications for your smartphone. The "NCLEX PN Mastery" had some great reviews and it's free. Download and try it out. This will definitely help the material stick better.

5. No Stress:

Do not stress out about the exam. I know, easy for me to say. But seriously, it is a waste of time to stress out about it. Just relax and focus on the needed material for your NCLEX exam.

6. Exam:

"Do not study before the exam". I have had so many people tell me this before I took my exam and they were right. Try not to even think about it. If you know your material you will do just fine. Go pamper yourself at the spa and just relax. You can even get a hotel room, all to yourself. Just relax and take time for yourself. I know a couple of people who did that.


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