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How to become a successful reseller in nine simple steps

Updated on April 8, 2013

A lot of people have tried reselling thinking it is an easy way to make some money but have failed. Mostly because they are lazy they and think all they have to do is set up a free website than place some product links and collect loads of money.

Below are 9 good point to help you become a successful reseller

1. Determine your goals. What is the goal of your business? More specifically, what is the ultimate goal of your website? When potential customers visit your site, what is it that you want them to do? Should they call or email you, should they be able to quickly find products and make their purchase?

Decide what it is you want your visitors to do and prepare a way for them to accomplish this. Compare your site with that of your competitors. How does your site match up? How can you improve?

Even if it means to copy a layout or design of another site so be it.

2. Carefully analyze your websites content. People often say, “content is king.” We believe that content is king, queen, and the entire royal family. Because it’s so important, you have to consider your content in depth. Is yours unique? Does your content get straight to the point with key words? Is there unnecessary filler text? Note : Some times to much text is bad because people are lazy and just won't read it and move onto the next site.

Do you regularly update your content? Does it align with your goals?

3. Consider social media options. Is your business on Facebook or Twitter? A structured social media plan will help you stay connected with customers! Linking your social media accounts to your website will give your customers easy access to find your business and stay connected!

4. Create a marketing plan. How have you been utilizing your marketing options? Are you waiting for people to find your website or are you actively pursuing customers? What is your marketing budget and how are you going to spend it?

5. Try using free directories. Get listed in the free directories that are available. Be as descriptive as possible when typing your business description. Provide your website link and contact information when prompted.
Google Local Business Center
Yahoo! Local

6. Create your brand. What is the brand you want your customers to see? How does your logo, company name and website reflect your brand and the goals that you have set?

7. Build trust with customers. Would you shop at a brick and mortar store if it had broken windows, no front door and if the lights flickered on and off? Definitely not. Your website needs to appear trustworthy instead of just functional. How does your website compare with other brands? Does it look new, fresh, and modern or does it look like a “cookie cutter/template” website?

8. Blog regularly. If you want to climb the search rankings, if you want to be an authority in the industry, if you want to build a following; be sure that you’re blogging! If you haven’t been blogging, start today! There’s no harm in blogging, but you can gain momentum and traction by having a regularly updated blog associated with your website.

9. Generate video content. You don’t need a high priced Hollywood studio to create web content. Anyone with a webcam or camcorder can create videos and upload them to YouTube, Vimeo, or other video sharing sites. You can create informative videos about the industry, product reviews, or general preparedness vlogs. It’s all up to you. High priced videos are nice, but when it comes to online video content people give more credibility to videos created by REAL people.

There you have it. Nine simple points to follow its not rocket science all you have to do is look at any successful site. Be it a reseller or main trader site they will all follow the nine points above.

Tips : If this is your first time trying reselling. Don't go spending money on it until you have tried it out for a few months. Get yourself a free website than just sign up as an affiliate for the products that you want to sell. Try free promoting it and getting some sales in to find out what sell best for you. Once you have this knowledge than you can promote these products.


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    • poshcoffeeco profile image

      Steve Mitchell 

      6 years ago from Cambridgeshire

      Thanks for this straightforward approach. I like your no fluff attitude. Thanks again.


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