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How to quit the 9-5 ratrace?

Updated on January 9, 2017

Before you start your business

Before you start a business you need to have a business idea. If you don't have a business idea, don't worry. You are not the only one. Digging deep down will help you find one.

Take out a pen and paper and write down about your passion. Do you love to travel? Are you into woodworking? Are you a passionate basketball player? What do you know about? What are your fields of expertise? Do you love to write?

Turn your passion into a business

Have you found your niche yet? Then you can get to the details how you plan on turning your passion into a business. Don't rush through this process. Take your time. Dedication and patience are two important words to remember. A lot of people try one method to build their business, and if they don't succeed they give up. Or maybe they try one other thing, and if that doesn't work either, then they just forget about the whole thing and tell themselves that they are not the enterpreneur that it takes to run a successful business.

Being in business for yourself takes a great amount of dedication. Are you dedicated to succeed? If yes, then you will have to follow your business plan. Become certain in what you want to achieve, build up your confidence that you can do it, and then do it.

Another important aspect is patience. This doesn't mean that you have to sit back and wait until customers come knocking at your door. But if you follow your business plan very precisely you will eventually be able to harvest your fruit. A lot of business start-ups quit only moments before they would have been able to celebrate a breakthrough.

The On-line World

In today's world it seems almost impossible to run a business without having an online presence. As a matter of fact there are a great deal of people that make really good money by just sharing information on the internet. Their business is to share information.

Imagine you love to travel and your are fascinated about Switzerland. So you write a webpage with the focus to share valuable information to the people interesting in visiting Switzerland. Insert google advertising. Every time a visitor clicks on an add you make some money. You can even negotiate deals with home owners in Switzerland that would rent out their home to visitors.

Somebody else who might be interested in natural healing, for instance, and possesses a great deal of knowledge about it could write a fascinating site about a certain aspect of natural healing, again inserting google ads, furthermore offering health products.

A local business

If you dreamed about owning a local business then there are certain aspects to consider. How much cash do I need to start this business and how will I get my customers? While an online business attracts people by writing good content that is high up in the search engines visible to everyone and can serve to a larger audience, a local business seems more restricted. This of course doesn't mean you can't be successful. The importance is that you are following your passion and persue your dream.

You need to learn how to network with people to become recognized in your community. The more people you know, the greater your chances at succeeding. Become the expert in your field and focus on producing lots of happy customers.

Educate instead of Selling

Selling a product only works when a person already knows what they want and they are searching for that specific product.

Today people want to be educated about products and services. Once they have gathered all their information, they compare. Most intelligent shoppers will purchase the product or service that provides them with the most benefits and that works the best for them, satisfying their purpose or need. That is why it is so important to provide your future customers with tons of information. They like to be informed. The less questions they have after having read your information, the more informed they are. And if they like the benefits of your product and it suits their purpose there is a good chance that you will have a customer.

Be aware though that people always shop for the best price available. Now they have your product and information but think that they might be able to get it somewhere a bit cheaper. Those are the bargain shoppers. They don't have top quality in mind but low price. You don't want those customers. You need to focus on those that want results. There are plenty of them out there. You just need to be able to convince them with your educating words and proof to back up your claims.

Dedicate several hours a week for your business

Some people open up a business and then forget to keep doing the on-going marketing that is necessary to keep the business going. It doesn't matter whether you are with a Network Marketing Firm trying to establish a regular income or whether you are trying to grown your hair salon, for instance.

You have to have a gameplan and you constantly need to be at it to get closer to your set goals. Never give up if something doesn't work. Not everybody will be interested in what you have to offer. This is just how it will be. But keep working hard at it and you will be able to harvest your fruit eventually.

Network Marketing versus your own Product or Service

Network Marketing receives a lot of bad publicity again and again and mostly because people don't truly understand or want to understand the way it works. First, network marketing companies are not a scam unless they don't sell a product or service but charge a fee to join. As soon as there is a product involved you can be sure it is not a scam but an honest way to make money. You have products to share and while you share these products you might find people who are interested in becoming a distributor as well. But to be honest, if you are not passionate about the products or believe in what they have to offer, you won't succeed. You need to become knowledgeable about the product and need to be able to answer all the quesitons how and why it works. Then you need to find customers who will try it out and business partners who are passionate about the product too and willing to become your business partner. You don't need to find a lot of buiness partners to make good money. But those that you find you need to take good care of, educate them and help them whenever they are stuck or think they are not moving forward.

Now, if you are in business by yourself you pretty much have to find your customers as well but you don't need to find business partners. At first you get your first clients and you will make faster money this way than in Network Marketing. With ongoing marketing efforts you will eventually and in general make better money in Network Marketing as you also have people working for you helping you increase your earnings. It is the same if you had a hair salon. If you were the only one cutting hair you would have a certain income which after working eight hours a day you simply couldn't increase. If you decided to hire two more hairdressers you would pay them a certain percentage and the rest would go into your bank account. Well, that is how network marketing works. You hire others to help you do the job.


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