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How to buy from english taobao agent

Updated on August 15, 2012

What is
Taobao is china's biggest online marketplace where hundreds of thousands of sellers from all over china and are selling almost everything that you can think of. Taobao is also called factory of world, you can find branded, non branded, original brands and fake brands of different quality levels. You can pick same products from cheapest low quality to expensive best quality products. Inshort, taobao fulfills everyone's need by providing every price level. is more popular for fake brands, while taobao new marketplace named, on you can find almost all original brands. Both and allows only chinese people to buy from it as it required china's bank account or alipay which is china's online payment method similar to paypal.

What is taobao agent?
Taobao agents are those individuals or companies who are helping overseas customers to buy from or once you pick products from these marketplaces, you can provide list to taobao agents and they buy products, repack it and then ship to you using international shipping companies. For this service taobao agents charge you a commission ranging from 6 - 15% on your order amount.

Which taobao agent to pick?
As you can find hundreds of taobao agents, but finding a good needs some important points that you need to remember before you pick an agent.

1. You need to check if agent accepts reliable payment methods, like paypal, because it gives you security to open a paypal dispute incase agent wants to cheat.

2. Second thing you need to see if service charges agent charging are affordable, as you can find many agents and their commission varies from 6 - 15%, if you are wholesaler or supplier in your country then definitely it will be top priority for you to get cheapest commission so that you can increase your profit margin by selling taobao products.

3. thirdly, how much discount agent is offering for international shipping, biggest amount that you will need to pay after products payment will be international shipping, agents mostly offer shipping discount between 20 - 60% on official prices, also finding an agent that offers wide variety of shipping methods, because to few countries EMS and DHL is most suitable shipping method, while for others airmail is a better option and if you are looking for bigger orders then you left with LCL and sea container shipment which only experienced agents can offer.

4. Choose bigger agent companies as they buy alot, so they can get special discounts on products and local shipping, this can save some money for you.

5. If you are doing business or selling on ebay and are interested in buying from and selling your country then you can find an agent who can offer dropshipping service so that agent can ship directly to your customers, it can save on shipping and time.

6. Another advantage of choosing experienced taobao agent is that they can help you in avoiding customs tax, by packing your items in smaller packages, mentioning low package value, providing proper invoice so that you dont face any difficulties with your customs.

Here i suggest you few of taobao agents: - Commission: Minimum 3 USD - 9% - Commission: Minimum 5.6 USD - 10% - Commission: Minimum 4.8 USD - 10% - Commission: 10%

I hope you will get lot of knowledge about taobao, buying from china and how to choose and use reliable taobao agent. If you feel this hub is helped you in taking your decision regarding buying from china then please leave your feedback.

Thank you

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