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How to buy merchandise to sell on Ebay!

Updated on July 16, 2012

Where to find merchandise to sell

Every one searches for the way to make money quick on line. Many sign up for drop shipping programs where they sell someones elses merchandise and get a few dollars in return on Ebay or Amazon. The secret to making real money online or at a retail store or for a flea market is to buy closeout merchandise. The best way to purchase closeout merchandise is to go to the source where department stores and big box retailers sell their merchandise. There are many out there in the market place. You can find them by googling closeout jobbers, wholesale closeout merchandise or go to a site like This site has many different companies listed.

When you start visiting there web pages or calling on the phone. They will all tell you they have the best merchadise for the best price. Be sure to check around they all will have closeout coach bags, dooney and burke bags, panasonic tv's, game systems, home furnitings and household pallets. I will tell you a secret they don't want you to know they all buy from the same large clsoeout purchasers. They buy from the companies that by all of walmarts closeouts then that company sells it by the multi container loads to companies that sell by the container and less. Some companies you call will only sell by the trailer load but don't panic they sell to another company that will sell in smaller lots.

The mixed loads of clothe which may include pollo, Ralph lauren, american eagle and other high end brands are great deals. In all mixed loads you will get some things you will make alot of money on and other things you will lose on that item. On the whole you will make money. You can get clothing lots for as low as $.65 a item which usually are Kohl's or Sears loads.

Macy and Dillards loads may cost $5.99 and up an item. In the loads you may get a item that retails for $200 and a item that retails for $1.99. In the end it works out. To me the best lots to buy are either the high end handbag loads that usually run $15.99 a bag. You usually get Coach, Micheal Korrs, Prada, gucci, dooney and burke and other high end bags. These usually are return but they retail for anywhere from $100 to $500. Another great lot to buy is tools. Yo can pay $6 a itme and get craftsman drills, drill presses, saber saws, generators, hand tools and many other items. I have set up closeout stores where these tools lots can make 500 to 1000 percent profit on loads.

When buying from any company you need to check them out and if they are close enough to you go in person to choose merchandise. You can start small with loads as low as $100 pallets are usually $250 to $1,500 depending on what you are buying. Shipping for a box of products is usually $40 and a pallet depending on distance is around $150 a pallet.

This is a great way to make money and especially in this economy where every dime is important. I wish you well for your quest to make money.

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      Xavier 2 years ago

      Tweaks: The tweaks we imtmelenped a few months ago to deal with inflation are habits now and continue to save us money even though the prices of some of the alternate products have risen.a0 For example, stick margarine has increased from 66 cents a pound to 88 cents a pound, but it still saves us money over using the spreadable kind that comes in a tub.