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Creating Content for Your Sales Page

Updated on June 25, 2014

Grow with the business

Achieve great things with little effort
Achieve great things with little effort | Source

Selling is all about Timing

The internet has opened the heavens to the impossible and to the person who would persevere. While the latter has seen its long list of lip-smackers, the former has kindled the imagination of the keen salesman. Why should we not take the stable to the horse? Why wait for rain clouds when we may pour the water ourselves?

The sale is always in the hands of the decision maker. The person who makes the purchase in the house does not waste time mulling over what he wants or does not want. For this reason we design the pages which are balanced with graphics and pictures to achieve the following.

Hold the attention of your reader

Maintain the interest of the reader: surfers would just skim the page and pass on unless something held their attention.

  • Make it seem different: Prospective customers would turn down the offer however good if they have read something like that before.
  • Selling technique: No product is unique, only the salesmanship is. So, show what the best things are right at the very beginning.
  • Do not let the worm escape: Jumble up the options a little bit, payment, possession whatever when the choice comes to the customer, just keep him guessing.
  • Learn a couple of phrases: Talk in his mother tongue; means you talk his language.
  • Do not compromise: Never hesitate to pull up a fibber, it will save you both a lot of time.

Make the Choice

Road to riches is open to those who persevere
Road to riches is open to those who persevere | Source

Key factors of any optimized website

Rich and flowing, fresh and interesting
Keeps the reader engrossed
Titles and subtitles
Divides content into separate sections
Reader is able to pick what he or she wants
Highlights the topic
Makes the article homogenous
Keep these points in mind when writing articles

Keep with the trend

Selling is like a river, unless you go along, you will find yourself waddling alone. Dunking the bread at the right time will save a lot of hardship, especially if the person is not used to the technicalities of buying and selling. Most people are used to the realities of buying and selling and unless you are prepared to deal with actualities, you may find the water hotter than you expected.

People like to be thought of as the sophisticate, the mature person, one who can make instant decisions on anything including exploding meteors on the other side of the galaxy, and never make a mistake. Read the news, pop in the question about what happened and invariably you will have the person recounting how he or she actually apprehended the thief. Keep this as the underlying theme for your sales page, never admit that you are better and you will have a sale.

Use Analytics to Help Sell Your Website

Beauty of the Internet

We know how people create business online. They set up online stores that seems to have just about everything a person could dream of in that category. Say you are looking for a bike. These shops will have all classes of bikes 100 cc, 120 cc, 150 cc, and even 250 cc. They will normally sport one brand though some salesrooms will show you multiple brands. The shopper is spoilt for choice. He will just plunge in and spend time until he decides on one particular brand and buys it.

When creating a web page for selling, the accent is on pushing the product. If the customer finds things about it intriguing like some extra feature present (made from low-fat milk) then he or she will be bent on reading more. Since the Internet offers plenty of sites where they could peruse more articles, your article should offer something more.

Go Straight to the Point

Close the sale immediately, right at the beginning, put in the word that it is all over. Many people will not read further. Keep repeating this through the page, many will be convinced after they read that the sales is concluded two or three times. And for those who persevere until the end, save a little surprise. Mention a little extra by way of discount or an extra tit-bit thrown in. Of course, though it seems frivolous, the second time readers will gasp at what they missed.

Sale is as a red rose that blossom when the opportunity is right. A rose may die when the sun sets, but the sale will live on to brighten the lives of those it touches. It is the continuum of life.


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  • snerfu profile imageAUTHOR

    Vivian Sudhir 

    7 years ago from Madurai, India

    Thanks so much dm563. I know you have ideas which may be better, and I welcome any suggestions for improving this article. Sales may not seem lucrative but trends today indicate that it may be the face of the future economy , at least a part of it.

    Thanks again.

  • dm563 profile image

    Dipankar Mondal 

    7 years ago from Barisal,Bangladesh

    Yes I agree with you. Actually it is a great way to earn from online selling webpages. Thanks for this great post.


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