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How to deal with a bullying boss

Updated on September 23, 2011

Bullying is not only confined in schools and it is not reserved only for the boys and girls, since it may occur everywhere and the victim may consist of adults too especially in the workplace. The very place where one can earn a living to sustain needs and wants is not exempted from bullying. And as a rank and file employee you may be target of all sorts of hounding and harrying from a misbehaving superior or a boss. If bullying takes its toll, this is definitely not favorable to your side since this can be stressful and it will affect your performance some way or the other.

With the objectives of earning to steer you away from everyday troubles and responsibilities, you need to work whether you like it or not. If you are working in an environment alongside a bully boss you might think of leaving your job and have a grit to find another. But before mulling about the possibility of saying “adios” to your present job, I suggest you need to seat back for few minutes and read through this article and who knows you may lick your problems about your boss and his caprices.

Here are some useful tips and pointers to overcome a bully boss, supervisor, manager, or superior:

Avoid being a target.

One of the best ways to hurdle bullying is not to allow it from happening. Keep in mind that bullying only happens if you allow it to materialize. Take the words of Sam Horn, “Take the bully by the horns.”

It is usual for the bullies to peck on the nice (and those he consider as weak) ones. They hand out their craps and test to see if they can knock you off balance. Once you succumb to their stuffs or become passive the bully will hold you like a wretched hostage. Keep your silence as much as possible and try to distance yourself at all times if you can. Staying away from radar will save your skin.

Be confident

Throw indicators, signs or signals that you cannot tolerate his caprices or lunacy from the bully. To do this, you need to dress up and convey a positive attitude.

Be lucid with your approach

Be methodical with your behavior; perform well whilst you always strategize. If you calculate your moves, you will be like a gentle impala which escape its predators, with immense grace and fortitude. Do not succumb to your emotions. Keep your cool and never let words of retaliation emanates from your mouth. If you are calm and your bully might think it’s the opposite. The problem is on him not you. Everyone has their weaknesses or soft spot and it is a good idea to take advantage of this. Your boss might set some standards that if met will spare you from bullying, if you turn up to be an asset rather than a problem.

Communication is the key

Everything happens for a reason. Your boss’ actions may have some tales behind it. If you have a full understanding of the past, this for sure will give a clearer view of his actions.

There are bosses that think it are lonely out there. Some of them believe that no one support and encourages them. Keep in mind that they are humans too and also yearn to be praised and given some credits too.

How to put the lights out on a gossip-mongering boss

There is one kind of boss that is fond of dishing out terror in the form of humors in the workplace. Talk about the effect of his actions and verbal abuses on you and your performance. Comment on his slugs personally and tell him with a straight face why he is hurting your feelings often.

Do not tell your bullies about any information about your life, family, interest, religion, etc. Giving them information about you in a silver platter will just give them power!

Here you have it. I hope your boss will bully you no more. Thanks for the read!


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