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How to find a job in Winnipeg

Updated on May 31, 2011
Winnipeg skyline from the river
Winnipeg skyline from the river

Finding work for Winnipeg newcomers

Winnipeg receives its fair share of newcomers each and every year. Some of these newcomers are even new to Canada period. So how does one find somewhere to work that will allow you to take care of and provide for yourself and family?

There are numerous jobs in this wonderful city. One only needs to look. If you are into the restaurant scene, Winnipeg is a city that loves to eat at good restaurants. For example, some waitresses here can make in excess of $150 per night at some of the more traveled restaurants. a few of these places include Moxies, Tony Roma's, Earls, Boston Pizza, Montana's, Kelsey's, and many more.

If you like the railroad...

CN railroad is a career choice for many people in this city. They boast one of the higher paying salaries for people looking to get down and dirty outside in all types of weather. CN offers a really good pension and other benefits.

To get hired on with CN, you need to be good with your hands and be able to take directions. You also need to familiarize yourself with rules of the railroads. It also doesn't hurt to meet and talk to other people that have went through CN's hiring process as it is very competitive.

Work for the city of Winnipeg

There are many city jobs available for people with different sets of skills. The city of Winnipeg hires everything from paramedics to flood gate operators to electricians. There are also a number of clerical jobs available from time to time. And lest we forget, the city really takes care of their employees.

You can find city jobs at the city of Winnipeg job site. They have a pretty good list up most of the time with an explanation of each job and pay scales. Working for the city of Winnipeg is highly suggested by me as they are, well, just plain awesome!

Search the job bank

If you are looking for a job in Winnipeg, I suggest you also check the job bank. They have numerous postings and they're constantly updating it with new opportunities.

If you enjoy working with people with disabilities, the job bank has you covered. There can, at times, be many jobs working with people with intellectual disabilities. The job can be challenging as you may have guessed, but can also be a stepping stone to better places. Never overlook an opportunity that may allow you to further your professional career.

Exhaust all of your resources to find a job in this great city. If you look hard enough and in all the right places, you can find yourself a rewarding job that you enjoy! Also, search Careerbuilder and other sites such as Kijiji for jobs. You could be surprised at just how many opportunities await you there.

Best of luck!

I wish you the best of luck on your job search in Winnipeg. I hope things that I have mentioned have given you some ideas and maybe even put new ideas in your head that I haven't listed here. The possibilities are endless. Construction is booming, you could attend a college, or even start your own small business here. Whatever path you choose, I hope you find a job here in Winnipeg.


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Well Mr. Joe Sixpack, judging by your name, you probably do have a record and I wouldn't hire you either. I can tell by your name and attitude that you wouldn't be a satisfactory employee... Sorry bud.

    • profile image

      joe sixpack 

      9 years ago

      bullshit if you were born in Canada have a record you'll never get a job.

    • mrpudgy profile imageAUTHOR

      Cliff Beaver 

      9 years ago from Murfreesboro, TN USA

      haha so true Bruce. Kinda cool we got a team now.

    • Bruce A. Beaudet profile image

      Bruce A. Beaudet 

      9 years ago from Canada

      You forgot NHL hockey player...there of jobs available. ;)


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