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How to get an Interview for pizza jobs

Updated on August 27, 2012

What Skills You Need

Looking for a part-time job in Pizza Delivery? Are you attempting to get an interview with the hiring manager? If you are looking for a full-time or part-time job in the pizza industry, you must open yourself to work weekends. It is imperative that you make yourself available on Fridays, Saturdays and even Sundays. They tend to be the 3 busiest days of any pizza week. More likely than not, a new hire will be working evening or dinner weekend shifts to begin with. A necessity to get your foot in the door.

Where to Apply For a Pizza Job

Many of the national pizza chains across the United States offer their application process online. If you live in a larger city with more than 1 store, applying online tends to increase the odds of gaining employment. It also allows you to search for a job minus the costs associated with leaving your home. If it's more of a mom n' pop place, turning in an application face to face will almost certainly be a necessity. Even in Pizza, dress nice and make a positive impression. Down times to apply are usually late in the afternoon: post lunch, pre-dinner hours (2pm-4pm) are ideal to catch a hiring manager who is not overly busy. Catching a manager during busy times can have a negative effect, even if unintentional.

Interview For Pizza Delivery Jobs

If applying for a delivery position, make sure to have your drivers license and automobile insurance handy. Many delivery positions now require immediate proof of insurance before an interview takes place. You will want a clean driving record. Due to more and more companies purchasing liability insurance on all their delivery drivers, DWI's and numerous traffic violations can instantly disqualify a potential driver. In general, you will want no more than 2 speeding violations in the last 36 months. In these cases, a state BMV record check will more than likely be in the interviewers possession in time for an interview. Map reading skills are inherent to performing this job efficiently. Drive a fuel efficient vehicle. This will decrease a large cost associated with delivering pizzas, as your gasoline will be an out of pocket expense.

Handling Customers

Cashier and Kitchen staff require another set of detail oriented skills. The ability to make proper change and friendly customer service is crucial to any pizzerias carry out business. This is a position that may only be required on high traffic busy weekend evenings and is perfect for anyone wanting only 8-12 hrs per week as a little extra income.

How to Make a Pizza

Pizza making can be an art form with delicious results. Portioning toppings, prioritizing orders, and keeping a nice neat kitchen area are the requirements for this position. fast paced and ever changing, it demands a multi-tasking individual with a keen ability to be productive anywhere in the kitchen.

Management Jobs in Pizza

While management is a consideration to apply for, as in most restaurants, they tend to be promoted from within. Due to the need to know all facets of the operation, they have usually climbed from the drivers and kitchen staff to effectively lead a crew. It is not like factory work in the sense of same old routine day after day. Priorities can change with a multitude of factors such as; weather, high fluctuations in business, roadwork, and even 5 o'clock rush hour traffic for delivery drivers and their customers.

Eclectic Pizza Skills

If you are still looking for a job in the pizza industry, take note: Be prepared to work weekends; be prepared to deliver in a safe, insured and fuel efficient vehicle; find a manager during down times; be courteous and professional, as if you would to customers; be a multi-tasker. With these considerations, working in a pizza place can be a financially and professionally rewarding part time or full time job.



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