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How to harness the power of decision making

Updated on October 6, 2013
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Ben is scientist, teacher, researcher and author who loves to help you to be more, do more and achieve more. He is an Amazon kindle author

Moment of decision
Moment of decision


The ability to make decision that leads to an actionable outcome is key to leading a successful life. This is because decision sets into motion the law of cause and effect. The idea here is that whether you make a decision on not you have set a cause of action into motion.

Being able to make decision is a skill in itself. The more we make decision to pursue a particular outcome more we train ourselves in the ability to make better decisions. The is only possible if we continually evaluate the outcome or results that we expect.

Harness the power of decision making

How do you make decisions? No matter how trivial this question may appear the way we make decisions could be determine how successful or effective our lives could be. This is because decision taking is a skill which sets in motion a process, leading to events that have effects and consequences in your life. I have been reading a book by Anthony Robbins; "Awaken the Giant Within" , How to control your mental, emotional, physical and financial destiny . The book as a whole is a wonderful read, but the chapter on decision: the pathway to power was very insightful because it threw more light to me on some bolts and nuts of decision making.

The key point that came out from the topic is the link between our decisions and our destiny in life. For me the distinction from all I have read or understood about decision making was the key role decision making has to play on how successful one becomes. These decisions are on three levels and they each affect our destiny and the result we get from life. They will affect what you will notice (experience), how you will feel (emotion), and ultimately what you will contribute (result or outcome), and who you become (destiny). Your ability to control them will determine, the control you have in your life. This will help you to sculpt your experience.

These decisions that control your destiny are;

1. Your decisions about what to focus on

2. Your decisions about what things means to you

3. Your decisions about what to do to create the results you desire

1. Your decision about what to focus on

There is great power in being able to be focused in our thinking. In the same way if we need to take a particular course of action, we need to be focused as per the reasons we need to follow this course of action. There is the need for is to be able to evaluate the reason behind our idea and apply the habit of focused thinking so as to see the way forward or rather appraise the reason for the action of choice.

2. Your decision about what thing means to you

Strictly this is the ability to process our thought so ind our how the outcome of our decision will impact our life. In this aspect it will be important to critically consider the benefit our decision will have in terms of our belief, value and attitudes.

3. Your decisions about what to do to create the results you desire

Any decision we take has to be supported with a corresponding action so as to lead us to the result or experience we had anticipated. It's like completion of the thinking loop because we need to experience the outcome for our decision.

Making decision - moving forward

Therefore as we live our day to day life, we are all giving this gift of thought, feeling, and privileged to act. These activities of daily living creates experiences based on the the decisions we have made. Therefore it is important that we have to determine what to focus on, and the value we attach to things, and the behavior we need to adopt so as to create the results we desire Therefore, it is important that we are in control of our conscious and unconscious thought processes which ultimately impact the results we get.

It is important to understand how the unconscious, an internal construct created by your brain to help you in decision making rather in a remote sense. These are:

1, Your core belief and unconscious rules

2. Your life values

3, Your references (memory maps stored in the neocortex to help you predict future patterns of information based on past outcomes); basis for intelligence outcome.

4. the habitual questions that you ask yourself and

5. The emotional states you experiences in each moment

In the book, Anthony Robbins, mentioned that the, "synergistic relationship of these five elements exerts a force that is responsible for prompting you to or stopping you from taking action, causing you to anticipate or worry about the future, making you feel loved ore rejected and dictating your level of success or happiness. It determines why you do what you do and why you do not do some things that you know you need to do,"

Being aware of the above elements and the way that they impact our decision making process remotely could be leverage we need in our decision making process. We can override them by making conscious decisions at any moment in our lives. This is because we do not want the programming of our past to control our present and future.

In conclusion, learn to apply the three levels of decision making, be aware of the five internal elements of your unconscious brain and how they affect conscious decision, live your life based on making intelligent decisions, commit as well as be flexible to your decision and watch your progress. We should not allow the programming of our past to impact our present decisions which will impact our future life. Hence our decision should be based on being of these programmings of the past so that we can make decision in this understanding.


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    • lemmyC profile image

      Ben 5 years ago from UK

      Lady_E thanks for your comment.

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 5 years ago from London, UK

      Very useful and it plays such a vital part of our lives. Thanks for sharing.

    • lemmyC profile image

      Ben 7 years ago from UK

      Thanks a lot!

    • fdoleac profile image

      fdoleac 7 years ago from Hollis, New Hampshire

      Great article, thank you. Once we make a decision we have to act on them to complete the process.