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Getting the best free web-hosting for your website or blog

Updated on April 12, 2008

The best free web hosting site out there has got to be It is one of the few web hosting services that don't charge you for the things you have to have, with no forced advertising and 99.8% uptime. Their staff are very technically-oriented, and it shows - they respond quickly and are very friendly. Unlike most free web hosting sites out there, they don't consist of just a limited user-interface that looks very pretty and does very little. They even allow you to host a domain from a free account there. They have forums that many skilled users can assist you on, and they catch spammers and abusers right away. They also don't cram a ton of resource-intensive sites onto the same server, so there isn't a lot of lag. If you later decide you want optional extras, like SQL databases or .htaccess, you pay a one time fee. There aren't very many free hosting sites that will let you do that. 110mb has acquired an extremely loyal fan base, and it shows on their forums. People love, because it actually provides value, and lets you do things that most free hosting sites won't even consider letting you do. I don't work for them, I just love them to bits. Check them out, you will love them too. I put up a website there with a Drupal scaffold in less than a day, and a lot of users there create their own websites professionally. I can't say enough good things about them; definately check them out and be glad you did.


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    • Satori profile image

      Satori 8 years ago from California

      Thanks for the link, Arthur! I'll have to have a look into it.

    • profile image

      Arthur 8 years ago

      I had my website at 110MB a few years back and had many problems. After that I moved it to and have had really good success with them. I have a completely free website with a free domain name and never have had to pay for my MySQL databases. I have a forum and a blog both using databases and they are totally free.

    • profile image

      Fire Dart 9 years ago

      I really good host! I used them for 2 years only 2 down times! Thought I need to buy MySql and .htaccess it was still a great deal.

      I spent around $20 dollars and got reliable hosting for life! Once you buy MySql or .htaccess or any other upgrades they offer it's free for life. No monthly fees. Love them, use them, -FireDart

      Check out sites on 110mb here: