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How to make a It Works Global Display

Updated on January 8, 2013

2012 CPS Fall Festival - It Works Display

Why Display your It Works Global Products?

You want the world to know that you are in business for yourself and there is no better way than to proudly display your company and its products. You can do these at all types of venues. From your little ones fall festival all the way to conventions. The investment that you make in your business today can be used over and over again. Bet you never thought of that?

Well, I wanted to give it a try to I am so glad that I did. I spent quality time with my husband Ricky and our two girls (Danni and Xena). From 10:00am till 3:00pm I met the most wonderful people, booked three parties, made $230.00 at the festival and then another $50.00 that night at a small party.

I know that there is a lot of information out there about our wonderful company. However, I wanted to share how I am conducting my business in the hopes that this information is useful and helps you build your business. Remember, this is one team and one mission and I am blessed to share my knowledge with you on this subject.

It Works Global Display

What to purchase for your It Works Global Display from The My it Works Store

Well, I went to the My it Works Store and Purchased the following:

5754-016-002 See Results Before and After - Popup Banner $179.00

5754-700-003 Beach Towel Lime Green w/ Black "it Works" 25.00

5754-700-017 It Works Large Money Jar w/Pop Up Lid 14.99

For a Total cost of $264.72 with shipping of $45.73 (2nd day)

I can use the Money Jar at my parties and will always have the towel and the Popup Banner with me for instant displays.

What to purchase for your It Works Global Display from other sources.

The girls and I took a trip to our local Walmart and picked up 4 3/8" yards of black satin fabric. It was on sale and only cost us $8.50, some double sided fabric tape. (So glad we did, cause it was a windy day), and purchased small plastic cups to allow people to try our Greens.

Then the girls and I arrived at our local dollar store and picked up a nice gold plated holder for my Blitz cards, Picture frame for my before and after photo's (more on this later),a lime green clip board to hold our "Sign up Party" Sheets, and three lime green baskets to hold the face wraps, body wraps, and a drawing for a free wrap.

We then went off to Staples to purchase some 5 x 7" Slanted Acrylic Sign Holders. I needed 5. Because I was displaying product information on the Greens-On-The-Go, IT'S ESSENTIAL Facial Wraps, and last but not least, Body Wraps. However, I did not realize how expensive they were until I looked $22.00 a pop! WOW! not in the budget so we came home and I found them really reasonable on-line through

That was all that I needed to purchase for a display that I can use over and over again. Actually, I have placed all of the aforementioned items in a large tote in the trunk of my car so that I am able to pop up a display wherever and whenever necessary.

Why did I purchase all of the above materials for an It Works Global Display

I wanted to achieve the following three objectives:

1) I wanted to invest in myself and my business. I know that this is my career for the rest of my life and I wanted the tools necessary to help me achieve success.

2) I wanted to look professional and polished. I wanted all who see my display to know that I mean business, I am in business, and I take my career choice very seriously.

3) I want to raise my girls up in this business and for them to take it over one day. By getting them involved, I am training them up to be Network Marketing thinkers and money makers. I look at it this way; no one will refuse a Blitz card from a very lovely little 6 year old. Right? They help mommy and learn at the same time. On the job training!

You do not need to purchase all that I have. However, you want to look as professional as possible. Remember, this is your business and you are in business for yourself but not by yourself.

Where did I get the It Works Product Discriptions from?

I went into myitworks back office and printed out the product information that is located in the Documents tab. This gives people an idea of what each product does and contains. Most people love to know more about your products so it is best to have this information on hand.

Remember we talked about the picture frame earlier? Well let’s talk a moment to talk about this. People see the results on the measuring tape because, measuring tapes do not lie. Right?

But, a picture is worth a thousand words! When you wrap a client, take their measurements, then take a before and after photo and save these. This is proof that our product work! Many people are skeptical at first. However, by having photos of other clients handy we can get them over their skepticism long enough to get the body wrap on them. This is all we need to do to turn their skepticism into believe! Once they see it for themselves what the It Works Global Ultimate Body Wrap can do we have a customer for life!

That is another reason you want to make sure that you offer samples of the Greens. The Greens will make them feel so good and healthy and detoxify their bodies so the wrap can work better for them. This is why we are in this business anyway. Right? To make everyone we touch healthier and wealthier.

Some Last Minute It Works Global Display Tips!

1) Bring a table to a venue even if they say they will supply one! (Do not take any chances)

2) Bring chairs with you, just in case they do not supply enough!

3) Bring someone with you to help you monitor your display.

4) Bring a cooler with food and drinks if you bring your husband and kids. (Venue food can get rather costly for a family of four).

5) Make sure you borrow or purchase a canopy if you are going to be out in the elements.

6) Make sure you bring sticky tape, scissors, and saran wrap. (You never know when it will get windy or you will sell a wrap and be asked to wrap someone) I wrapped a client in an empty pre-school class room before.

7) Make sure you have product to sell! (Buy plenty of wraps for the occasion because they sell like hotcakes!)

8) Do not forget to have a party sign-up sheet and follow up with them in three days or less. (This business is important to you, but remember, the clients have a life and you are not always on their priority list)

So, Go out there and have fun, make some new friends, and earn some money!


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