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How to make choices in life

Updated on November 27, 2018

There are two way, the choice is yours

Choose to be happy and be good
Choose to be happy and be good

The choice is yours!!!

This is in continuation to my hub Choose to win the race

There are many things which are beyond our control. Become a son of Bill Gates (I mean born in a rich family) or born with the beauty of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan or Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt (I mean born with a beautiful face and figure) are beyond our control or we cannot choose to be. We call it Outer World. We cannot choose our parents. (If it were so, there were many who throng around the house of Bill Gates and other rich people and poor people starve for a child.) We cannot choose our shape. (I am not forgetting that Now we can change our face and figure through plastic surgery. Many out there who changed their appearance.)

But there are many things which we can choose and control. We call it the inner world. You have hundred percent control over your thoughts and actions. You can choose to be a successful and happy person or choose to be a failure and unhappy person. You can choose to be motivated or choose to be a lazy sluggard. You can choose to be a worrying and angry person or choose to be a calm and happy person. Success and happiness is a choice that you make. It is not something that just happens to you by accident.

The important and interesting thing is that when you change your inner world, the outer world will follow.

Let me explain. Luke's outer world i.e. his parents and brothers and neighbors always complain about him. They Ridiculed him whenever they get an opportunity. They complain that he is a useless wrecked creature and hate him. They used to pronounce it in his face. He was tired of this behavior of people around him. But he has no control over this outer world. Luke did all kinds of wrong things like Drinking, smoking, and was used to go to the places of prostitutes. He messed up wherever he went. He was irresponsible. In his job, he was a failure. His relations with his parents and relatives were broken. Whoever sees him would say he is a lost cause. His parents wished that they would not have a son like him.

Choose to be happy

When you change inwardly, the outward will change automatically

At that time Pastor John made friendship with Luke and brought him to the church. He introduced Luke to many good people in the church. Church members took great interest in having the friendship with Luke. Form the association with the church members and pastor John, Luke understand that he needs to change. He opened his heart and told them that he wanted to change. Pastor John told him it is your choice to be good or bad. Two ways are in front of you. One is a good way and the other is a bad way. There is the right way and the wrong way, what do you want to choose? Luke chose to take the right way, instead of the wrong way. Luke choose to stop drinking. Luke chose to stop smoking. Luke chose to stop heaving illegal relationship. He chooses to become a responsible person. He took many small steps towards the right way.

He chooses to change his inner world. When he changed his inner world, slowly the outer world began to change. Then his parents accepted him. His neighbors started to respect him. Now he is successful in his job. Now he has money. He has a good house to live. He has good friends. See the outer world follow the inner world. It can happen to you. If you change yourself, the outer world will follow. Now every one behaves with him politely.

Many times we look at successful people and say that they are lucky enough to have good friends to support him/her. Luck will follow the successful people. They don't have to follow luck. If you are loving and caring, you are lucky enough to love and cared for by others. If you are helping, you are lucky enough to be helped by others. Successful people are loving, caring, supporting and guiding, that is why they are lucky enough to have many friends and relative around them to support, guide and help them in their trouble.

In short, when you choose to change your inner world i.e. your inner thoughts and actions, the outer world will follow.

It is your turn to chose to be good

If you are getting negative results in your life, it is because of your bad choice in the past. The good news is that it's never too late to choose to change your inner world. The past will not follow you. If you decide to change your inner world today, you will get a better future tomorrow, as what you choose yesterday is what you are today. If you want a better future, you have to choose today. Choose to invest/save your earnings. Chose to learn the new skill which can attract income in the coming days. Choose to exercise. Chose to eat what your body needs. Choose to avoid junk food. Choose to avoid alcohol and other drugs. Choose to complete your graduation. Choose to love your child and wife. Choose to have a better relationship with your spouse/boss/relatives/friends/colleagues. It doesn't matter what kind of relationship you had in the past. If you choose to change today, you will have a better relationship with your spouse/boss/relatives/friends/colleagues in the future. Remember, the future is not related to the past. If you start making a positive choice today, you will have a better tomorrow. The choice is yours.


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