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How to make money in school

Updated on July 24, 2010

Guide into making money in school

In this hubpage i will teach you into making money in school. It won't be easy and it might not be safe for some, so i don't recamond this for everyone. If your a good student, good with money, strong, and are sneeky then you are the right person for this.


  1. Transportation to store and store near you
  2. Heavy duty back bag and a strong back
  3. Little money(25 bucks to start)
  4. Make sure you are making profit
  5. Able to talk to others
  6. Able to manage time, and money

I go to Sam's Club cause my mom works at walmart and they give her membership(cheap).
I go to Sam's Club cause my mom works at walmart and they give her membership(cheap).

Step one

1.You will need some type of Transportation to a warehouse store in which one of your parents is a member of, like Sam's Club or Costco. If you can't go to these stores then pretty much any store will do, but warehouse store's are best, since if you buy in bulk it's cheaper.

looks strong enough to hold 30lbs.
looks strong enough to hold 30lbs.

Step Two

2.Make sure you have a back bag that will last you a long time, and that can hold a lot of stuff. You will be carrying all you merchandise in your back bag and will be carrying it on your back, but make sure you don't put in to much, because it might cause back problems. I don't have back problems(yet), but if your back starts to hurt then it's best to carry less for a couple of days, until you feel better.


I buy this at Sam's Club for about 7 bucks, sell each one for 50 cent's, 24 in each box.
I buy this at Sam's Club for about 7 bucks, sell each one for 50 cent's, 24 in each box.

Step Three

3.You will need some money to spend at the store of your choice. When at the store go to the candy/snacks ally, and look for stuff that kids and High schoolers like. I buy xtreme sour belts, fruit snacks, beef jerky, and suckers. Also you could ask people in school what they prefer and what most people like. Get that item and more stuff don't just get one item unless that's all you have to spend, but the more you buy the greater the profit. Buy something that has a lot in a package and is already individually packed, for you to sell.

You will make money out of this, i make about 50-60 bucks profit a week.
You will make money out of this, i make about 50-60 bucks profit a week.

Step Four

4.Profit is the key, you will need to see what your profit is when buying and then selling something. Like if i spend $7 on 24 friutsnacks then i sell them at 50 cents each, do all the math i get 12 dollars back or 6 bucks profit. Now if i buy like 4 or 5 boxes then i get more profit in return. Also if you sell other items you have to make sure that you make at least 4 to 5 bucks in profit or else it's pointless, but the more you buy the bigger the profit you see. A box of x-trems cost 8 bucks and i can sell each one at 1 dollar, and ther's 18 in a box. 18 bucks minze 9 equals 10 buck profit, but much but something is better than nothing. 

Talk to people.
Talk to people.

Step Five

5.Tell people what you are doing and make sure they don't tell teachers cause that might get you in trouble. Do not let teachers find out what you are doing, but i found out that some teachers are okay in what i am doing, but still don't tell them. Also be friendly with people and when you get regular customers and they ask you for a dollar for there lunch give up a dollar but don't always do it, this will give you trust with you costumers, and they will buy more from you in the near future.

Step 6
Step 6

Step Six

6. Manage you money, and time. If you spend all your earnings then you won't have any more money to buy your merendise the next week. If you start out by spending 20 bucks one week and you make about a 10 dollar profit then save it, and buy more stuff the next week. When you reach spending 100 dollars a week and making 60 dollars profit a week then you can start spending your money. I have stopped at 100 cause that's all i can fit in my back bag, unless i get 2 back bags which looks dum, but i would make more money. My dad tells me to make a cart and roll  it into class and sell more, but he doesn't know i can get in trouble. I have checked the student handbook and it doesn't say anything about not selling stuff in school. 


  • Don't spend all your money save some of it for emergencies.
  • Buy your stuff at least once a week or if you can't then at least buy enough for 2 weeks.
  • Make sure you are making profit out of the stuff you are buying, and it's better to buy in bulk like in warehouse stores, it's were you make more money, and it's cheaper to buy.
  • Don't let teachers find out what you are doing, sell your stuff at lunch, or during passing period, with no teachers around.
  • Pack your stuff a day before school so your not in a rush in the morning, and keep your items cool if you sell drinks.
  • The bigger the back bag the more space for more stuff but the more suspicious it looks, and the heavier it becomes for your back.
  • Try selling energy drinks like monster it sells more in high school, or other types of drinks but make sure you keep them cool, because people like cooled beverages.


Idea's to sell

  •  chips
  • energy drinks (monster) only in high school
  • fruit snacks
  • gum
  • candy/chocolates
  • pencils/pens
  • suckers
  • slim Jim's
  • pop
  • honey buns
  • fruit roll ups
  • pop  tarts


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