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How to make money online (HubPages) from Home with writing Articles easy? Make Money on Hubpages today!

Updated on February 6, 2013

It seems necessary to inform the reader what he is going to read. This article is quite long. In the beginning, there is a short introduction. Then comes the review of HubPages and the specialities. And in the end, there are some advice on how to get much traffic to your hubs/articles and my personal experience.
If you want to sign up first (takes about a minute) and then read the article, then use this link (opens a new window).


Introduction and How to make Money online

I will say it right away. Making money online is (nearly) nothing that you do overnight. You will have to stick to it and keep doing it. But in the end, it will pay off a lot.

There are of course many ways to make money online like taking surveys and I also tried out many ways and I concluded that writing articles is actually the only way that is worth doing it. And even fun!

I signed up on some online writing sites and either the revenue share was not sooo good or you get paid per article (only once per article / you sell your article) what's not worth doing it at all.
But I was to find out about HubPages later. I actually found out about HubPages by random. There was a very long article on "How to make money with writing articles" and the author mentioned that he was successful at writing on HubPages. (Please note that you write on and not for HubPages - the articles are all yours!) So I decided to give it a go. I mean what could go wrong? ;)

And there I was writing on HubPages, publishing my first few hubs, got soon accepted by Google AdSense and started to earn money. Yes you have to apply for AdSense (what's normal) in order to make money (explained in the next part).
As you might already have noticed this article (or hub as it is called) has been written on HubPages by me.

I will now continue to outline the special features and why it is the best to write on HubPages (and not on Squidoo or Blogger). In the end, I will also give you some advice on how to get more traffic (and therefore more potential money) and share my personal experience.

Hubpages' earning programs + eBay and Amazon

As soon as you written your first few hubs and got some traffic you can apply for Google AdSense. After you have been approved (in my case, it took about 2-3 days until I had an email) you can activate the "HubPages earning program" and the "AdSense program". You will have seen ads on your hubs that you have writte previously. When now someone clicks on these ads you get money! It won't be a lot like 10$ per click. But if you have a lot of traffic many people might click on your ads and all these small revenues you get will add up to a bunch of money at the end of each month.

Another way to make money is to place Amazon and eBay capsules. These capsules are a link to a product and if someone clicks on it and buys it you get some money out of it. That's the way how Amazon works. In eBay, the only difference is that you get already a small share per a simple click on the placed product. That's why I only use eBay capsules (plus, in my case, Amazon won't give me money, but Amazon gift cards and I don't need them).

Combining these two will make you more money, obviously.

NOTE: Don't give up if AdSense doesn't approve your application the first time. I had to apply twice until they approved my application. I recommend you to write about 8-10 hubs before you try to get approved. I had 10 hubs before I started earning (took me about two weeks).

Tired of reading? Then sign up ;).

The Referral Trackers

The Referral Tracker is another way to earn money. You won't earn much though, but it is possible to make a great passive income out of this too. So what is it? It's a word or a number that is added to the sign-up link. I would like to give you an example:
"Sign up here". As you can see, the "here" is blue. I linked the word with another site (with the signing up page of HubPages). This can be done on HubPages quite easily. I have copied the following link and linked it with the word "here":
Not only this did I add, but also "_mbyl/". "_mbyl" is my so called tracker. So, the final link looks like this:
Don't worry. You don't have to write your tracker every time. On the bottom, there is a "link to this page" option and you can simply click on it and you will see ;) (only if you have signed up).
So, every time someone signs up on HubPages under your tracker, he will be listed under your referrals.
But what are they good for? As you already know, you earn 60% for every ad click on HubPages and 40% gets HubPages. When your referral writes a hub and someone visits it and clicks on the ad, your referral will get his 60% share and HubPages 40%. Of the 40%, HubPages will give you 9-12% of what they earned.

You see, it is not soo much. But if you have many people signed up under your tracker, those small shares HubPages gives you will pile up and it will be a lot!
By the way, as you can see, the link contains my own tracker. Yes, if you sign up I will see this in my referral's list and I will therefore earn a small part through you.

Additional Money making on HubPages

Internal Writing Contests and Hub Challenges

From time to time, there are internal writing contests on HubPages. The theme can be anything. Once, it was "who writes the best receipe". Right now (2.11.2012), it's about the best review.

In these contests, there are daily, weekly and monthly price drawings ranging from about 15$ to several hundreds! This is acutally quite a smart idea of HubPages. Writers (or hubbers) are more motivated to write even better content and put in even more effort. In the end, it is not only something nice for the hubbers, it makes the site better in overall.

The hub challenges are more of a self-endurance test. For example, hubbers participate in 30/30 challenges (30 hubs in 30 days). You don't have to sign up somewhere. You can simply start a challenge. Sometimes, hubbers write it that they are going to do a challenge in the forums and other hubbers are quite helpful and also give advice. But this is not compulsory. I did one for myself too! The benefit out of this is you get a big increase in traffic during and after this challenge and more activity on HubPages makes you more known. The increase of traffic often means: more money.

The HubPages Community

This point seems to be necessary to mention it too! I have experienced the HubPages members as very helpful and kind to each other. You can ask questions and you will often get many good responses and the forum is also full of interesting topics. The hubbers (members of HubPages) will also comment on your hubs (as long as it is good and interesting) like you also can comment on other hubs. The comments of other hubbers are sometimes a nice endorsement, but they can also be really long and constructive. Such comments are really helpful, because you can learn out of these and improve your writing skills!

The Apprenticeship Program

This is another special feature of HubPages. As long as you have published at least one hub and enabled AdSense, you can apply for an apprenticeship program. These programs are, in short, a 6 months online writing course. It has several benefits:

  • You get 6$ paid for simply publishing a hub.
  • You learn a LOT how to write really good content and rank on Google's first page.
  • It's free (obviously)!

This apprenticeship program is quite demanding though. You will have to write at least 8 hubs a month which have at least 500 words. Moreover, you will also give feedback to other apprentices. It is also fairly hard to get accepted; many people apply for such a apprenticeship, but every month, only a group of 15 people are accepted.

HubPages' Learning Center

The Learning Center is an extremely helpful and useful tool for any hubber. It is a series of hubs written by HubPages itself, where everything is explained in great detail, such as how to make money, sign up for AdSense, get traffic, write good hubs, information about the apprenticeship program and so much more. In total, it probably exceeds over 100 articles if not even more than 200!
There are also some tips what to do and what to avoid doing in order to get more traffic.

Use HubPages on your smartphone


HubPages Newsletter and the Hub of the Day

First to the newsletter: The HubPages newsletter comes via e-mail every two weeks. Ususally, tips, recent updates, a vote poll for the hub of the day and an interview from hubber to hubber are written. It's a nice thing to be kept up to date and the other good thing about it is when you get interviewed. This increases your popularity among us hubbers and get a temporary boost in traffic and also more followers. I was also interviewed by a hubber once and I can say, it gave me more followers and more traffic!!

The Hub of the Day is a different one everyday. It is featured on the main page of HubPages and therefore everyone can see it! Yes, this gives you a damn LOT traffic to this hub and an increase in followers too, normally.

Some advice on how to get more traffic to your hubs or articles

I could write an own hub only about advice on how to get more traffic to your articles/hubs. But here, I will tell you about the most important things that I do for every single hub. Here are my tips how to get more traffic:

  • Before you chose a title for your hub, go to Google's AdWords. It's a free tool, where you can type in a word and it shows you the number of monthly searches. Such words are so-called "keywords". Try out different keywords and build your title by implementing these keywords (also in your hub). The title is a crucial factor in search engines! Here is the link to Google's Adwords.
  • After you have published a hub, HubPages reviews it if it is not some random junk. After approximately 24 hours, you can see a "H" icon next to your hub on the statistics page. This means your hub has been featured completely on the internet. Search engines can now find your hub/article.
    After becoming featured, you should index your hub link manually, by visiting a special page of Google. You simply add the link and it's done. This link brings you directly to that page. What's the point? Google's crawlers search for new content on the internet and index them. This can take up many months until the process is finished completely, though. You will see right from the start traffic to your hubs (if they are good) and with time it gets more and more. And you can quicken this process by submitting your content manually.
  • Do not sign up for backlinking services. Links to your hubs are important, because Google thinks they are very relevant if many links point to your hubs. Services that produce these artificially will be a harm to you, because Google can detect this and punish you (=you get fewer visitors).

My personal experience with HubPages

My experience with HubPages has been great in these 10 months! The community was always nice and helpful and I learned a lot about new topics and about things in general!
I even started making some nice pocket money out of HubPages every month and even when I didn't publish anything it kept getting more and more!! (have a look at my graph)

My HubPages traffic graph (picture taken on the 9th of December 2012)

As you can see, it was quite low on the beginning. There was one high peak, but that was a unique coincidence. Then I wrote something that was very popular for a certain period of time (you can see my traffic got steadily smaller and smaller). I had my first publishing period after some months (school keput me too busy) and my traffic increased more and more! But it was to go down again when I was on holiday and also other people. Sometimes, the traffic sinks naturally due to holidays etc. But you can see, as soon I got back, I started writing and publishing a LOT! And since then, I only saw more and more visitors daily on my hubs! And even now, where I didn't publish for nearly 2 months (or even more) I have steadily more traffic to my hubs!

Sometimes, I wish I would have had more time to invest on HubPages, because you see that it was worth the time I have invested already. If I had written more at the beginning and in the last two months, who knows how much I would be earning now!

By the way, if you are a fellow hubber and have something to add, complain or say tell it to me in the comments and I will adapt further changes if something is wrong or essential parts are lacking! ;)

What do you think of HubPages and this article?

5 out of 5 stars from 7 ratings of HubPages

Sign up on HubPages

After you have read so much you can sign up here on HubPages. Give it a go. Persistency and the will to invest some time will eventually bring all the benefits!

Any written content on this profile and the published hubs:
Copyright © 2012 by mbyL a.k.a. Slaven Cvijetic. All rights reserved.


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