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How to make money online legitimately with no strings attached for free

Updated on April 2, 2011

I consider myself somewhat of a "online money making guru"

I have tried just about everything to earn money from home. I would say, out of the 300 or so "online jobs" I have attempted, only 10 or so have passed as something that could legitimately make me money on the internet.

Out of those, I can only keep up with a few. But, the good news is, all you really need is time and determination to be able to make money online. You don't need money. If a company asks you for money upfront, its almost always a scam. There are plenty of things you can do online to earn money, and the speed at which you do so really depends on your own effort. There is no sure fire way to make money instantly online, but if you work hard you can earn a pretty penny from several different routes, all from home.

Here are the following online jobs I have had success with:

1. answer questions asked by America! I have worked with ChaCha since 2008 and have done nothing but make money. A GREAT job for fast funds. If you opt for their "ChaCha debit card" you can withdraw funds at any time provided you have enough to cover the $2 withdraw fee. You can also opt to be paid once per month provided you have over $100. It is NOT hard to make $100 with ChaCha.

IF you sign up for ChaCha, type (don't copy and paste) my email address '' so that you will be on my team!

You do have to go through an application process, a training process, and a test, however all of this is ONLINE and very simple as long as you pay attention!

2. if you are crafty, sign up for an account with Etsy and start selling all those things you create! Or, you can do what I do. I go around to resale shops finding odd vintage items and sell them. You make considerably more selling things on Etsy rather than on Ebay, simply because Etsy is geared towards Antiques, Collectables and Handmade.

If you create an Etsy account, feel free to find me. My name on Etsy is Freaktiques. Hope to see you there!

3. Amazon Mechanical Turk- Do simple HITS (human intelligence tasks) and earn money. Easy as that.

4. Amazon Marketplace- I sold books that I found cheap at estate sales on the Amazon Marketplace. Downfall? If you don't have an ISBN, its nearly impossible to list a book. This means all old books (no ISBN, only Library of Congress #) are going to be a pain in the butt.


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    • Gypsy Jane profile image

      Gypsy Jane 7 years ago from Florida

      Thanks for sharing these ideas toastiebear. They are all new to me and I will definitely check them out!

    • saintodd profile image

      saintodd 7 years ago from Suffolk, VA

      Thanks toastiebear. I plan on checking out chacha. If I join I'll list your name. Voted up.