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How to make money with a blog

Updated on May 6, 2011

Blogging is quick changing into a well-liked pastime among thousands of would be writers all round the globe.  A number of these blogs tend to come up with lots of traffic, which suggests they will become cash creating blogs.

Make cash on google adsense employing an easy blog, free content and free traffic. it'll price you nothing to get started, solely a trifle little bit of time to begin driving traffic. you must be able to write unique articles but that may be so easy too if you know exactly what to do and at intervals, i will be able to explain everything you would like to understand.

Before anything else, lets first discuss about Google Adsense.

AdSense may be a great platform for creating money on-line. Whenever somebody clicks on one amongst the adsense ads on your affiliate promoting web site, you get paid. Google's advertising program is free to register and you'll be able to typically be on-line at intervals an hour or so.  Google adsense is admittedly a gold mine and people are creating niche websites just to show the ads and make simple money everyday - automatically.

The adsense program permits entrepreneurs to profit both from the active income from sale of products and from the passive income obtained through pay per click rates on adsense ads. you may build money with adsense if you follow the principles kicked off by google. Google advertising tools shows how to build a site that's optimized for adsense revenue, generates high traffic from the site's targeted audience, and achieves prime search engine placement.

Once you perceive how AdSense works, you will begin to grasp how you as a webmaster can create some pretty smart money using the program, particularly if you have lots of websites that get plenty of traffic.

The key, however, is to settle on the right keywords or phrases to target, gift the content properly, and generate enough traffic in order to get enough clicks to sustain income.

You have to settle on the keywords or phrases properly. one of the most important challenges that users face when selecting these terms is finding those that are hunted for lots but still have little competition, meaning not several websites are targeting them.

Okay Now let’s start making some blog

Pick a subject or theme for the blog. Some incredibly in style blog entries truly serve as collection sites for several fascinating data on the web. Others, select pretty narrow topics that their writers apprehend well and that they stick to them. regardless of the case, a blog desires attention before it may be created.

Choose a Blogging Platform. There are several free blogging programs out there that are designed to supply their users quick access to becoming AdSense blog. Meaning AdSense is working with the blogs by putting ads directly on them with little or no work from the blog homeowners.

You can begin creating your blog. Once you've got you blog setup, post your articles that you just wrote to the blog. you ought to add one or 2 new article daily to your blog. this is often thus you always have contemporary content and Google loves contemporary content. this implies writing blog entries on a fairly regular basis.

Sign Up To Adsense, Its absolutely to join and will enable you to place banners on your web site that will show ads related to the content on your web site. anytime somebody visits your blog and clicks on a poster, you get paid a proportion of what the advertiser has paid google. certify you do not click on your own ads or ask people to visit the sponsors or your account will be banned.

Promote your blog by exchanging links with different bloggers or submitting it to RSS directories or blog directories. you'll also gain traffic to your web site by promoting your blog to your favorite social networking sites like twitter, facebook. simply announce your post to your friends or followers. you'll also submit your blog to social bookmarking sites


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    • Drew Breezzy profile image

      Drew Breezzy 

      7 years ago from somewhere in my mind

      I find generating blog traffic difficult.

    • borge_009 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks peter for dropping by.

    • Peter Dickinson profile image

      Peter Dickinson 

      7 years ago from South East Asia

      It is good advice. I sometimes make more money on my blog in a day than all my hubpages combined.


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