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How to make your own blog 2016

Updated on November 8, 2015

When the internet started out, only computer nerds could hope to make their own websites. Then the blogging scripts came along and they made it possible for anyone, to create their very own blog. Today you can have an attractive multifunctional blog, without being able to read one line of php or html script.

This article is a step by step guide to show you how to make your own blog.

Free VS paid for hosting VS cheap hosting

It is possible to have a completely free blog.

The problems with free blogs are:

  • You don't really own the blog, so you can't resell it.
  • People will know that you are using free hosting and that can damage your online reputation
  • You are far more constricted, in what you can do with your blog

Don't get me wrong, a free blog is a good option, if you are just doing it for fun or to learn how to blog. If however you are looking to make money from blogging or you want to draw traffic to a business idea, a well hosted blog is the way to go.

The free blog site I recommend is:

You want to be careful of low cost web hosts. The problem with them is that:

  • they try to pack too many accounts on the same server. This causes the server to be unstable and slow.
  • They cut corners on support, which is not good.

Here are 5 good web hosts for your blog:

  1. Blue Host - easiest good host for beginners
  2. Host Gator - best for experienced publishers
  3. Host Monster
  4. Go Daddy
  5. Just Host

How much money can I make with my own blog?

The top bloggers make up to $250,000 dollars per month, according to Forbes.

You are unlikely to make that kind of money in the short term and certainly not without huge amounts of work.

Blogging is a bit like running a newspaper. You have to build up readers and trust, from the search engines, over time. Once you are getting good traffic from Google searches, that traffic and the money from it stays fairly consistent.

What I suggest you do is to start your blog as a hobby. Keep putting your spare time into it and keep building your income from it, over time. One day you might be able to quit your job and blog full time. 

How To Install Wordpress

There are 2 good, free blogging platforms: Wordpress and Blogger. I recommend you use Wordpress, because it is the most widely used, which means there is much better support for it.

Make your blog with Fantastico:

Most good web hosts has Fantastico installed. With it you can have Wordpress up and running in a few seconds.

How to make your own blog
How to make your own blog

Installation Steps:

1. Log into Cpanel. Look for the Fantastico icon.

2. Scroll down the list and look for the Blog section. From there select Wordpress.

3. On the next page look for the "new installation" button.

4a. On the next page you have to fill in a number of boxes. Do the Installation location first. If all you are running on your site is the blog, leave the space blank. Otherwise select a location to put your blog.

b. Select a Username and Password to use.

c. Base configuration: this is the nickname that you will be using. Whenever you post or comment on the blog.

d. When this is all done, click on the "Install Wordpress" button.

5. Click "Finish installation" and then "Back to Wordpress Overview"

Alternative installation:

Alternatively you can go to download the Wordpress files and follow their instructions for installation.

Wordpress Permalinks

This is what a default Wordpress blog web address looks like:

It is both ugly and bad for SEO. This is better:

To change it log into your Wordpress blog. Click on "Settings" then on "Permalinks".

Select the "Custom Structure" radio button. Enter /%category%/%postname% into the box. Click on save changes. If you have any problems contact your blog host tech support.

Install a Theme on your blog

The default blog theme isn't pretty. To replace it run a Google search for "free Wordpress themes". There are a number of sites who create these. They aren't really free. They have hyperlinks in the footer of the theme. Once your blog is successful you can go back to the designers, pay them a few buck and then you can remove the links.

  1. Download and unzip the theme of your choice.
  2. Use a ftp client or file manager to upload the theme files to the wp-content/themes directory of your blog.
  3. Login to your Wordpress's admin section. Click on "Appearance" then click on "Themes".
  4. You should recognize the theme that you uploaded. Click on the hyperlink below that theme. Click on the "Activate Theme_Name" hyperlink.

Now it's time to start blogging.


I am a professional reviewer who receives compensation from the companies whose products I review. I test each product thoroughly and recommend only the very best.


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    • jGaunt profile image

      jGaunt 3 years ago from London

      Scotties-Rock, Blogger is simpler and therefor easier to use. However Wordpress is more powerful giving you more control.

    • Scotties-Rock profile image

      Clairissa 3 years ago from OREFIELD, PA

      This article is very informative and you did an excellent job explaining the options out there. I am new to blogging and skipped the blogger option and went right to wordpress. Which I found to be fairly simple to navigate. However, I do see many successful blogs on blogger and often wonder if it is easier to use.

    • jGaunt profile image

      jGaunt 6 years ago from London

      Blogger has specific support for Adsense and Amazon. You can also try Clickbank.

    • profile image

      Vipul 6 years ago

      how can i earn by writing articles on blogger?

      not from AdSense

    • gameznet profile image

      gameznet 7 years ago from Australia

      Great info, I found it very helpful. been trying to earn money online for a while but it hasn't happened, too scattered.I need to take a leaf out of your book and just do it :)

    • profile image

      Ashlee 8 years ago

      hi and please keep me posted for a long time until 2100 so that's bye!!!!!!

    • dawei888 profile image

      dawei888 8 years ago

      Hi! This hub is a great starting point for people who are looking to get into blogging and to make money online. Personally, I use much more than blogger. I need to get up to speed on blogger though because I'm sure it's also an excellent source for traffic. Thanks so much - I'll share this hub with my friends who are looking to get into blogging! dawei888

    • Jenny30 profile image

      Jennifer 8 years ago from Canada

      Great article! I am new to Hubpages and this article has helped me a lot! Feel free to check out my blogs. Love to hear your feedback!

    • forlan profile image

      forlan 8 years ago

      i think both the free and the paid has different strengh. A great blogger in my country is disappointed by the paid. I think write in free hosting will not reduce our reputation. The reputation come from our content.

    • Profmaggy profile image

      Profmaggy 8 years ago from Boston MA

      I started a blog only four weeks ago so I'm very new to this and it's a steep learning curve. Keep writing because I'm eagerly reading as much as I can on how to make the best blog for my readers and make it pay too.

      I use blogger. I know only as much to be dangerous so any further tips you can give on enabling new blogs to become better known resources with higher ranking is very much appreciated. Do I need to do things with metatags or are they already encoded?

      I'm so glad there are people that have this knowledge and are willing to share it patiently.

    • Shalini Kagal profile image

      Shalini Kagal 8 years ago from India

      Very well explained - easy to understand!

      Like earnestshub, I'm not a big godaddy fan when it comes to hosting - for domain names, yes, but for hosting, the others you mentioned and Hostpapa I've found are way better!

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 8 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Thank you for all the good tips. I am not a big fan of godaddy though.

    • Abhishek87 profile image

      Abhishek87 8 years ago from India

      Nice article ... I used to think that you can be a serious blogger even while using free blogging sites but looks like will have to move to my own after some experience.... 


    • JamaGenee profile image

      Joanna McKenna 8 years ago from Central Oklahoma

      I have a blog on Blogger which I set up to get familiar with the medium and because it's free, but will evetually move it to WP and Host Gator.

    • HHO2U profile image

      HHO2U 9 years ago from Mojave California

      Thanks JGaunt. I was just tripping around the Hubs and ran across this post, glad I did I'm going to go install wordpress right now. Any body out there making any money Blogging let me in on your secrets.

    • wannabehappy1179 profile image

      wannabehappy1179 9 years ago

      the info was very helpful i did not know so many options were available thanks again i am going to get started soon

    • asbender profile image

      asbender 9 years ago from Virginia

      Great how-to and information to get started.  I use both Wordpress and Blogger. I wanted to try them both out. With Blogger you can (attempt to) make money without paying anything. I like both for different reasons, but would agree with going with Wordpress if I were to get my own address. Thanks for posting.