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How to pitch and impress the gatekeepers for that job - three core building blocks you need: Personal Promise (1)

Updated on February 23, 2011
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Personal promise (1)

In their book “Pitch Yourself” Bill Faust and Michael Faust described three building blocks you need for your Elevator Pitch.

These three core building blocks are:

  • Your personal Promise
  • Your transferable Assets stored as inventory in your Career DNA bank
  • Your Career and Education Biography

According to them your Elevator Pitch is rooted around your transferable assets.

A Transferable Asset according to them is a competency you can demonstrate using the same level of competence across multiple situations.

Your career DNA Bank is an inventory of your Transferable Assets representing your genetic career role.

Your Personal Promise is an executive summary that summarises the benefits of your Transferable Assets.

This framework according to them; bundle and focus the source of value your Transferable Assets as unique and authentic benefit to your next employer. In this article, the focus will be on ways to add these ideas into your pitch for your next career move.

Personal Promise

This Personal Promise highlights in very simple terms what you have to offer to the employer. You will ask what is in it for me in Personal Promise. The idea here is that Personal Promise chosen over Personal Summary. According to them, the former looks ahead whereas the later looks back. The Personal Promise is a guarantee of future performance. Your next employer has a problem. Will you be part of the problem or the solution? How can you show through your Personal Promise the benefit you will bring to the organisation?

The Personal promise will address three areas of benefits you will bring by answering these questions:

  • Who are you
  • How you do it
  • What you do

Writing your Personal Promise

Your elevator pitch should be two to three sentence will seek provide answer to the questions.

The first question is:

Who are you? This is your identity. What is your philosophy to life? How would you describe yourself?

For example: An avid learner and idea person.

The second question is: How you do it.

This is your attitude to work in fact the process or strategy you choose to do things. 

I am fascinated in making the complex simple through focused attention.

The next question is: What you do.

20 years of practical, integrated marketing ideas generation gained in diverse industrial sectors from advertising to publishing throughout the world.

The completed Personal Promise all combined will look like this:

“An avid learner and idea person: I am fascinated in making the complex look simple through focused attention. 20 years of practical, integrated marketing ideas generation gained in diverse industrial sectors from advertising to publishing throughout the world.”

Can you try to construct your own personal promise?

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