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How To Sell Anything On Instagram

Updated on July 19, 2015
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This author is a former I.T. graduate turned vagabond who travelled extensively and has lived and worked in Japan for many years.

Instagram The New Ebay

Instagram has become the new Ebay or Amazon, for some online sellers and buyers. Many buyers are tired of the high fees of Ebay eating into their slim profit margins. Ebay also restricts sellers from selling internationally until they have sold locally for 90 days.

How To Sell On Instagram

To sell on Instagram first take a picture of what you are selling.

Post it to your Instagram account. Then make a comment that looks like this: #forsale. Many people search tags in Instagram. It’s possible to add as many for sale tags as you like with extra words to help buyers find you.

Here is an example: #forsale#forsalenewyork#forsalehealthproducts#forsalekrilloil. Notice there is no space between each tag. This tag allows the buyer to find krill oil health products for sale in the New York area.

Now add another comment with a description of the item, cost of the item, postage price, location, and payment method. Paypal is an easy and safe method of transaction for both the buyer and seller on Instagram. However you are free to use any method of payment the buyer is willing to use.

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Advantages To Selling On Instagram

There are many advantages to selling on Instagram. Your product is visible to buyers instantly. No approval is necessary. International commerce is possible to virtually any country in the world. No fees are eating into your profits, so you can offer lower prices, and compete with more established online stores.

Instagram can also link to a free online shopping portal called Inselly. Just add the tag #inselly to your Instagram image. Then join Inselly at After completing your profile you can open a free web store. However Inselly will take a portion of any profits, so Instagram is better in this regard. All your Instagram images with the tag #inselly will automatically appear in your shop. Some advantages of Inselly are: credit card transactions are possible, provides a professional looking online store, and there is an instant chat function to with buyers.

This new form of selling allows people all over the world to quickly buy and sell with smart phones. It may one day replace, or at least take over the traditional online store. People have even sold sheep in the middle east on Instagram. What you can sell online now has no limits.

The Alpaca And Sheep
The Alpaca And Sheep | Source

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