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The Best Free Email Account Providers

Updated on May 27, 2015

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In response to a question I received, I thought I would write a hub about one of those things that seems so simple, but was a nightmare to set up when you and computer first became acquainted.

If you are just getting to grips with how a computer on, help is at hand to start emailing with a free email account and receiving e-mails in next to no time. Choose from one of the great free email accounts below and you'll be inundated with offers of breast augmentation and member enlargement before you know it.

You Have Mail!
You Have Mail!

Free Email Services

Type Free Email accounts into Google and you will be presented with over 500 million web pages to choose from, which could prove a little overwhelming. However you need not panic as I will narrow down the selection to the main free providers to save a little time.

Generally speaking, if you stick with one of the top three free mail services you cant go far wrong. For more variety in the domain name you may need to look a little further - there are a lot out there. Many people choose a provider simply for the domain name provided. However it is a good idea to check out what each package offers to make sure you are getting the most out of your email account.

Most email packages come with sufficient storage space to cope with general use, however if you are planning to email large files or send and receive lots of photos you will be better off if you chose for the functionality of the service rather than the email account name.

FaceBook Email -

One of the biggest talking points on free email services comes from a certain Mark Zuckerberg, who is seeking to topple Google from its free email account monopoly by releasing the domain name as a free email service.

Due for release on Monday 15th November 2010, it plans to use its 500 million or so users to instantly become one of the biggest email services. Its all being kept under wraps until the launch, but if you want to have firstname.lastname at the social networking site, you had best be up early on Monday, especially if your name is Mark Smith or John Brown,

Of course, questions will be raised as to how secure the system is, when the social marketing platform comes under scrutiny for its SM service, but its better to have your email address and not use it, than to want it and not have it!

I have listed the main providers below with the with some rising stars and a couple of cool domain names to choose from.

Free Email Services - The Low down



Mailbox Size: Unlimited

Gmail is the most comprehensive free email provider with a vast array of add-ons, statistics, advertisement programs which can easily be combined into a single account. It can be used very effectively for business with domain mail management. It comes with pretty much unlimited storage space, is fast, reliable and easy to use. Even if you don't plan to use the wide array of features it is still a great program to use. It is compatible with Outlook and other mail clients free of charge, so it is easy to download and write emails off-line.



Mailbox Size: Unlimited

With yahoo, you will have the option of a country specific suffix to the domain name such as .com,, .de, .es, .fr, and .ca for example. You can also choose from the new and domains for a little less competition for your preferred user name.

Yahoo mail is web mail designed to be viewed on-line and if you want to download messages from your Yahoo account into an email client you will need to pay extra and have the premium mail plus service. However in addition to just an email program, through Yahoo you also have access to a personalised information resource through the My Yahoo! package. This function will give you news headlines, local weather, interesting daily articles and can be configured to your personal preferences.

They are certainly trying hard at Yahoo, and despite a few shaky moments last year they have improved their service considerably. The All-new Mail is sleek, tidy and gives access to the most common social networking sites at the touch of a button including a large range of games and chat rooms all integrated into their service.


Example:, etc

Mailbox size: 5GB and rising

Hotmail was one of the first giants of email and is still a major player in the on-line e-mail market. Whilst still one of the most popular mail providers, many users have switched to other services for their mailing requirements, which offer greater storage and increased functionality. However it remains a useful webmail service, and it is fully linked into the Windows Live Messenger chat software, with all passwords and settings linked to all parts of their Windows Live system. As with Yahoo there is a tailored news and information service and directory offered through the MSN Network.



Mailbox Size: Unlimited

The last of the lifestyle packages in this selection is the internet giant AOL. As you would expect through their home page you have easy access to your mail, plus links for Amazon, E-bay and Wikipedia and access to their not insubstantial directory. They have an extensive news and article database, TV listings, and well pretty much anything you want. It can be easily linked into social networks, and despite the heavy advertising is not bad at all. All together it is a good family mail package for the additional parental control features they provide.



Mailbox Size: 10MB

Fast is the key here. If you are after quick and easy email then this is a good bet. On the downside the mailbox storage space is very easily filled up. Receive 4-full sized photos from a digital camera and your space is all gone. However for simple quick and easy emails it is a good little program with a great customisable user interface. Also if you like to format you can pay a nominal fee for up to 6GB storage.



Mailbox Size: 5GB

GMX is a fully functional alternative to Gmail which can easily be linked into POP and IMAP delivery of your mail to your hard drive. Whilst the capacity is limited to 5 GB, if you manage to fill that up then you really should cut down on the emails you send.

You can also link GMX into your other email accounts, so if you have more than one account you can use just the one interface. It has a great spam and junk filter, however it does have its limitations and cannot cope with encrypted mail. For business use it comes up a little short.


Mailbox Size: 3GB is an obvious choice for a provider as it must be one of the easiest domain names to remember, with a wonderfully simplistic email address. Whilst not the best in terms of security and anti spam, it is used by many as a forwarding account to a more robust program such as Gmail. By doing that you can benefit from the domain name without using the program. The name choice is vast, so you will get a cool domain name and you can have this forwarded onto a mail client via POP or IMAP for a fee.


Mailbox Size: 5GB is a great all rounder for POP and Web access with a decent level of storage. The user interface is sleek and easy to use, and it can cope with rich text mails. Whilst not able to deal with IMAP and secure email it is a great mail service with a cool domain name.


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    • profile image

      Austria 6 years ago many emails gotl lost !!!!!

      gmail - huge amount of spam !!!

      I was adviced to make account on

      In a day it appeared that I dont know my User name and Password. Although I knew it exactly !!!!.........recovery using secure question doesn t work As a result I lost all my emails The "help" service doesn't react at all

      which free email provider could be used?

      i think the time of free e- mails is over.

    • michifus profile image

      michifus 6 years ago

      You can do so to a certain degree by using MS Outlook, provided that your email accounts are with companies offering POP access. Yahoo and hotmail do not do not allow this, although you may be able to upgrade to a paid account and get this functionality.

    • profile image

      allie 6 years ago

      Does anyone know of a solution that I can consolidate all my emails together? Please help

    • michifus profile image

      michifus 6 years ago

      ssentongo - you will have to be a little more specific. There are many areas where you may have gone wrong.

    • michifus profile image

      michifus 6 years ago

      I too have a hotmail account, but from around 2001. It does a good job at getting spam to the junk mail folder, but I get spammed to kingdom come on that address. Age isn't always a good thing. I still use it, but gmail has taken over, mainly for how easy it is through Outlook.

    • profile image

      Jen 6 years ago

      I've used hotmail since 2003 and have never been without access to my mail for 3-4 days. This is an account I use daily.

    • profile image

      ssentongo 6 years ago

      ican't get email account

    • profile image

      Scott 6 years ago

      Gmail spying is a VERY important note to consider. Hotmail amongst all its upgrading has and still experiences server crashes that leave its customers without mail access for 3-4 days. That is 3 days and 20 hours to long for something most people use and rely on daily!

    • profile image

      Kennedy M 6 years ago

      I use Having this account has boosted my self esteem.

    • andrewwilliams63 profile image

      andrewwilliams63 6 years ago

      I have to say i think gmail is the best of the mainstream providers, hotmail seems so slow for some reason at the moment

    • michifus profile image

      michifus 7 years ago

      Know what you mean. My real beef with Google is their Chrome browser, which spies on what you are doing and provides results according to what "it thinks" you want to see. Check the search results in Firefox and chrome and you will see a big difference. Personally I trust my own ability to find stuff on the internet through their search engine. Bye bye Chrome. Unfortunately, as much as they may spy, I cant do without Gmail!

    • profile image

      denizen101 7 years ago

      there is no end to gmail privacy invasion. the ads all seem relevant to you because your mails are being read - oh sorry - scanned. and they really really want your mobile number (to sell to all those advertisers) so they con-vince you that your account has been frozen or otherwise debilitated and unless you provide said phone number you are locked out. my number is for friends and family only. goodbye, gmail

    • profile image

      Supersaver1 7 years ago

      I have several email accounts that I use for different things to stay organized. I have my yahoo that I will give to anyone and I use it as my "junkmail account" then I also have a work email and a gmail account.

    • LasanthaW profile image

      Lasantha Wijesekera 7 years ago from Sri Lanka

      I like my Yahoo mail account. But the biggest problem with them is that they don't corporate with Microsoft. It is not possible to integrate mail and with MS Outlook. Others like, can be added to your MS Outlook.

    • Nikki D. Felder profile image

      Nikki D. Felder 7 years ago from Castle Hayne, N.C.

      I absolutely love my g-mail account. Yahoo is good and I even have a hotmail account I don't use. Very insightful hub.

    • michifus profile image

      michifus 7 years ago

      It's true that some providers will cancel your account if you do not log in regularly. Each provider differs although 120 days seems to be a popular cut off time.

      When you sign up, although its very tempting to skip them, read the terms and conditions. Most of it is standard stuff, however it does have important information about your account, and the regulations for the individual site.

      People will not immediately take over your account, however it is wise to log in one every couple of months, and if you want to be sure that your emails are safe, download them to hard storage on your computer or a zip drive a few times a year.

      That's the problem with these free email sites, you don't get everything you want from them, although I must say that with Gmail I have more than enough.

    • profile image

      Gettadog 7 years ago

      How about telling us if any of them expire. If you have a email address it will expire if you do not log into it in 4 months, and I am told people could then take over your account (your messages are already deleted when that happens).

    • profile image

      indraneel 7 years ago

      if you need an email account for your business, you can go for free google apps email server for your domain.

    • pisean282311 profile image

      pisean282311 7 years ago

      i use gmail more than any other suits my needs perfectly...

    • michifus profile image

      michifus 7 years ago

      That does sound cool, many a time I have wished I could have done that! thanks for the comment, might have to look those up!

    • debwalker profile image

      debwalker 7 years ago from New England USA

      I use Also has email that you can get back out of the recipient's inbox in case you hit send too fast, set to self-destruct in the other person's email inbox. Kind of cool.

    • profile image

      Gmaik 8 years ago

      The best is Gmail they offer the Biggest capacity and their interface is just to user friendly. almost 8GB is huge!!!