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How to start your own bookkeeping business

Updated on June 30, 2013

Opening your own bookkeeping business is one of the best ways to make money and also put your skills and experience to use. Small business holders, who are not in a position to employ a full-time staff, will entrust their bookkeeping tasks to self-governing contractors when they do not encompass the skills or time to do it themselves. If you are reliable, thorough, accurate, skilled, fast enough and reliable, then you might find yourself overflowing with work. Whether you are an accountant or bookkeeper for a private or public company, or just have a feeling that bookkeeping might be the best career for you, bookkeeping is the business that you can operate from your home.

Here are the steps to start your own bookkeeping business

To start a successful business for bookkeeping services you needed to create a name for your business, license and register the business. This name will be used to identify your business and also helps to market and sell it to potential customers.

The business should be registered with the relevant regulatory agencies. It's advisable to set up an office for your business, but you can create a space in your home and convert it into an office.

For start-up businesses, it’s a challenge to find clients but you can create brochures, business cards and postcards and send them to potential clients. If your target market is in one locality you can put on posters or advertise the business in the newspaper.

To market the business further, you can create and publish a website and outline the services that you will be offering. It's also advisable to start a bookkeeping business in an office rather at home since it's more convenient to clients.

Tips to make the business successful

To be successful you should be dependable, thorough, accurate as well as skilled and experienced in the accounting field. For you to be registered to start a business that is offering accounting services, you are required to be a qualified accountant with extensive experience in the business world. These give the client the confidence to entrust you with all bookkeeping tasks.


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