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How to Write a Resignation Letter - The Easy Way

Updated on October 6, 2015

Resignation letter

Resigning from your workplace is a delicate matter which should be handle very professional and very tactfully. To write a letter of resignation few things need to be kept in mind before picking up the pen and paper and saying your goodbyes.

First of all, it needs to be understood that when employees leave companies to go work for another, there is naturally some animosity. So the best way to secure a positive relationship for the future is to act respectfully and gracefully during the final days at the employment, this of course includes the careful handling of the resignation letter. The work we put in our job builds us a reputation in the respective industry and that needs to be upheld to get better job offers in the future. We need our old employers to give us a good reference for our new jobs. Word of mouth and a solid reputation is power. A written request to terminate relations with your current company, whether it be through email or simply hand written, goes into our permanent record i.e. the employee file, it is therefore a written proof of one’s maturity and mannerism while handling a sensitive situation. The employee needs to give their boss a reasonable and adequate notice period before they leave the job, preferable two weeks or more and they should not forget to say goodbye to their co-workers.

Keep the resignation letter brief and factual.

The letter of resignation:

When writing the letter the employee needs to keep the resignation letter brief and factual, but should make sure the explanation for leaving is clearly stated. An offer to help for the transition, during and after, should be offered. The employee needs to concentrate on the positive aspects of the job held and not ‘brag’ about the new job they have taken. She/he needs to clear out personal files from computer before approaching the boss. Following is the pattern to write proper resignation letters, whether they are through email or are hand written.

1. Hand written Resignation letter:

For your resignation letter it is acceptable to start off with your contact information like your address, your name and your email.

Contact Information:
Your Name
Your Address
Your City, State, Zip Code
Your Phone Number
Your Email Address

After which, you can continue with the date and your employer’s name, your company’s name and its address.


Employer Contact Information:
City, State, Zip Code

Then you can start off with the actual letter.

Dear Mr/Mrs X, (Last name)

Your Intent: (first paragraph)

Here you need to Cleary state that you are resigning and mention the date which would be your last working day.

Some tips to start off this portion are: With great reluctance, I submit this letter of resignation, effective December xx, 20xx.

Other sample statements for your intent include:

Please accept this letter as my notice of resignation, effective _______.
With regret and anticipation, I am writing in order to inform you of my resignation from (current position title)

Be Humble and Respectful

Your explanation: (second paragraph)

This portion should be humble and respectful as you should be thanking your employer for the opportunities the company has presented to you and the experience you have gained working under your boss. For example: Thank you for the opportunity to work with (xx) Company during these two years. I could not have asked for a better group of colleagues. I appreciate the support and experience this company has presented me and has enabled me to train myself into becoming a professional trader.

(You want to consider seriously what your job has taught you, what skills you have acquired, and how this can help you in your future career path.)

You can also mention your move to another company but keep that part brief. An example is: I have decided that it is move on and I have accepted a position with ABC Company, as an opportunity to further my career goals.

(You can include your explanation including accepting a new position, but take note that you want to keep your explanation positive and avoid negative statements. You may want to select a most appropriate and neutral explanation for your resignation.)

Examples may include:

Personal reason: Due to several events in my personal life, I have decided to leave the job. This was a difficult decision and I took a lot of consideration but I am convinced that it is in the company’s and my best interest.

Leaving state or city: I have decided to support my husband/wife to pursue their new job across state and will have to resign to keep my family together.

As stated before, do not forget to offer to help your successor (whoever that may be), an example is presented: Please be assured that I will do all I can to ensure a smooth transition in either hiring or training my replacement until Date.

Ending note: (last paragraph)

Conclude the letter with farewell and well wishes, like: I wish both you and (xx) Company continued success and I would like to thank you for having me as part of your team.

Yours sincerely,


2. Email Resignation letter/message:

Email resignation letter carry the same rules of any resignation letter; they should be brief respectful, tactful and importantly accurate and factual. The pattern differs slightly from normal hand written letters but the content in the paragraphs remains the same. The recipient of this email needs to be your employer and human resource department for record keeping. It is an easier way to avoid the awkwardness of a face to face confrontation when quitting a job, but lacks a personal touch and respect of a hand written letter.

To start off the letter, the employee needs to specify in the subject line their name and nature of the letter, for example:Resignation – (Your Name)

The first paragraph should include the date of the effectiveness of the resignation and the intent to resign. This paragraph should also clearly state your job position in the company.

The second paragraph, should discuss the time spent in the current company focusing on the positive, and thank the employer for the opportunity. Reason for leaving the company should be stated clearly. Here an offer to help in the training of the new employee replacing you should also be given. The last paragraph is the conclusion and the farewell to the company and the employer. The email should be closed like: Respectfully yours, (Your Name)

As you can observe unlike a hand written letter, email letter of resignation does not specify the contact information of the employee or the employer or the date in its pattern.

Sample of a hand written resignation letter:

Amna Hake
127 Belton Road, Babylon, New York
(800) 548-1343

1 June 2011

Ms. Michaels
Senior Managing Director of Sales
Tad-yet! Company
960 Deer park avenue, Babylon village, New York

Dear Ms. Michaels,

I am writing to notify you that I am resigning from my position as Junior Managing Director of Sales of Tad-yet! Company. My last day of employment will be June 27th 2011.

I appreciate the opportunities I have been given at Tad-yet! and the professional guidance and support you have provided me personally. I have grown as a person and gained valuable experience that will take me further in my career where ever I go. As my family is moving to another state, I have little choice but to leave my post in the company. If I can be of any assistance during the transition for my replacement, please do not hesitate to ask, I would be happy to oblige.

I sincerely wish you and the company success in the future.

Best Regards,

Amna Hake.


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      Janine Huldie 5 years ago from New York, New York

      No problem Sara, glad to do this for you and this hub!

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      Sara Algoe 5 years ago from Phoenix, Ariz

      Thanks jannie

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      Janine Huldie 5 years ago from New York, New York

      Voted up and sharing it! Thanks for a well written, informative hub article.

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      keats 6 years ago

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      ellahall2011 6 years ago

      I guess writing a resignation letter is the most hard thing to do. Great suggestions here. Very useful info.