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How to write a CV for SAP jobs

Updated on April 19, 2010

Writing a CV that gets you a job in SAP

Making a good SAP CV that will find you the kind of work you want can very frustrating - but why?

Simply put an SAP CV is designed to explain what it is that you have actually done in an SAP project in the past which is easy except for one small problem!


When writing a CV there are two very seperate audiences and both have special needs that need to be considered - 1 the client, who knows what they think they need on their project and 2 - the agency, who has no idea what is needed, cares less and just wants to make a sale - what you have done or will do is (in most cases) irrelevant to the agent.


1 - Write a CV that an agent can understand quickly and easily - dont try to be clever, if you do you will end up being offered washing glasses at SAP itself!

2 - Write a CV that is detailed enough for a client to really get information from - but low enough down the CV that the agent wont even bother looking there.

3 - Write a CV the best way you can but accept that some agents will never really read any further than SAP and then call you - these agents are the ones you dont want to repeatedly send your CV too! On the other side of the coin, it could be that the agent gets the right person for the job but by the time your CV arrives the client has changed their mind about what they actually want, or worse they could simply have forgotten they ever needed anyone - yes, that does happen!

So how do you format a CV that deals with most of these issues?

  1. At, or very near the top add a summary that explains, in simple terms what you actually do in an SAP project for the agents.
  2. Send a covering email to the agent explaining what you do within SAP.
  3. Never leave the name or contact details of your references on your CV - agents will contact them for work and your name will probably be mentioned - which will not please you or your reference.
  4. When describing your project experience in the body of the CV add as much relevant detail as possible so a client can see what experience you have - remember, if they need someone with a very detailed skill set for a specific jon they need to know if you have done that before.
  5. Add your education, including your SAP courses (list them for word search) to the bottom of the page - if the client needs to arrange a visa for travel the degree information would be useful to know.
  6. Always list your latest job first on the CV - the higher up the CV the better chance there is of it actually being read.
  7. Language knowledge is becoming more important every year - be sure to add your language skills, along with a realistic description of level of knowledge for both written and oral skills.
  8. Before sending your CV to an agent ask for confirmation that your CV will not be sent or used without your prior written permission - yes, agents are still sending out CV's without asking - this can cause some very nasty problems.
  9. Added to the above always request to know where your CV is being sent to - it is common for agents to prefer not to give you this information but duplicate CV's arriving on a desk is very unprofessional and usually the client simply ignores both, or all of them. Generally, once you agree to being represented the agent should give you the name of the client - after they have your CV but before it is sent.
  10. Lastly but not least - always make sure that the CV is accurate, never add or take away projects or positions - there will always be a way of finding out the truth and any 'mistakes' can invalidate any contract.

These are a few ideas that should help you arrive safely at a new SAP project or SAP job, the list is not ever going to be complete - if you know of something else that would help then please add a comment - even if it helps one person it is worthwhile doing.



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    • Mad Swede profile image

      Mad Swede 5 years ago from Sweden

      Thanks Gretchen, I think you and I have more in common than you might think :-) your site is also very good as a networking tool, maybe you have not yet seen or indeed - both sites are related and dedicated to SAP, with the aim to raise the SAP consulting standards and keep the SAP industry informed about news, jobs and trends :-)

      All the best

    • profile image

      Gretchen Bowman 5 years ago

      These are great tips. Since most SAP professionals arrive at their engagements via staffing companies, I'd encourage you to check out the list of tips addressing that unique issue here:

    • Mad Swede profile image

      Mad Swede 5 years ago from Sweden

      Thanks Nagi, much appreciated - it can be very difficult to get it right and as we know any hiring personell will only give you 5-10 seconds max to make your first impression last!

      All the best


    • profile image

      Nagi 5 years ago

      Perfect article.

    • Mad Swede profile image

      Mad Swede 6 years ago from Sweden

      Dear Michelle and Syed,

      Thank you for your kind words - it is so important to get your CV done correctly.

      Very glad you find it useful,

      All the best

    • profile image

      Cv 6 years ago

      Its a bit well written and useful HUB, Its hard to find such search result on Big Search Engines too like Google.


    • profile image

      Michelle 6 years ago

      Many thanks for sharing this post. We got more tips on creating a professional CV! keep posting.

    • Mad Swede profile image

      Mad Swede 7 years ago from Sweden

      Dear SAP Help,

      Thanks for your comment, I am glad you find it useful :-)

    • profile image

      Sap Help 7 years ago

      This SAP CV post is extremely helpful to me. I bookmarked your site.

    • Mad Swede profile image

      Mad Swede 7 years ago from Sweden

      Thanks Georgieg00, much appreciated:-) Had a look at your hub too and it was very well done...good job!

    • profile image

      geordieg00 7 years ago

      Some great tips in here! :) Especially on dealing with agencies!

      I wrote a hub on a similar topic last week at

    • Mad Swede profile image

      Mad Swede 7 years ago from Sweden

      Thanks warehouse systems, glad you like :-)

    • warehousesystems profile image

      warehousesystems 7 years ago from UK

      Thanks, like the top 10 list for writing the CV.

    • Anne Holmes profile image

      Anne Holmes 9 years ago from Galena, IL

      Thanks, Mad Swede, there is good information here that all consultants can learn from. Great job of explaining the CV process.