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How to HIRE

Updated on May 1, 2016

Remember to H.I.R.E.

There are so many things to remember as a small business owner: Payroll, Clients, Market. Oh, and staffing. That one pesky task you would much rather not talk about.

Most people see it as a waste of time. Going through all of those resumes and applications are enough of a headache, but then you have to set aside time go talk to a bunch of people even though you only need one. It can be frustrating, especially if you end up just settling after hearing more about people than you care to know and why they are the best thing to happen since sliced bread.

Be honest... How many times did you know you should have kept looking but you took the best out of the bunch because you couldn't get any better? It's happened to all of us.

When you do it right, staffing does not have to be a nightmare. The next time you need to add or replace a team member, remember to HIRE. It's a quick and easy way to remember some effective and efficient steps to take to hire the right person.

H: HABIT - Make a process you can do over and over again that fits YOUR company, not someone else's. It will be a constantly changing thing because of regulation changes and company updates, but the flow will usually be the same. Take time to think about your company's culture needs and wants and incorporate that into your hiring process.

I: INTERVIEW - Ask questions that will help you decide who is a good fit for the position and the company. Don't just go on the Internet, search for some questions & hope for the best. Ask a lot of follow up questions and don't ask questions from their resume. This is a time to get to know the person better, not verify read from the resume that they submitted
R: RESEARCH - Find out about the candidate through reference checks. If possible, ask previous employers about your concerns about the candidate. Most companies will only verify dates of employment and position held, but sometimes they will tell you more if you ask. Be careful using social media... your best bet is to look at someone's LinkedIn website to see their endorsements and any recommendations if they have them listed. Using personal social media pages to help you decide on whether or not to hire someone is a gray area, so it's best to stay away from those.

E: EVALUATE - Look at the candidate overall: character, personality, response to questions, experience, energy... All of these things are important when hiring the right employee. When you find that right employee, let the others know why you chose Someone else.

If you use this simple guide, you can find the right person for the job. For more information and additional articles, come over to

Business owners have a lot of choices to make. Hiring should not the most difficult one.
Business owners have a lot of choices to make. Hiring should not the most difficult one. | Source

Hiring doesn't have to suck

What are your struggles when it comes to hiring?

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