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4 Steps in Dealing With a Lying Employee

Updated on March 26, 2014

Lies At Work Never Work

The steps in dealing with a lying employee don't have to be complicated.
The steps in dealing with a lying employee don't have to be complicated.

Learn the 4 Steps to Take When You Believe an Employee is Lying

Many employers face the problem of attempting to find out if their employees are lying to them or not. A lying employee cannot only be a legal issue for your company; they can also negatively affect the other employees. If you suspect you have a lying employee, here are some tips to help:

The Lies Just Get Bigger

Lying at work will only continue the distrust with other employees.
Lying at work will only continue the distrust with other employees.

#1 Gather Proof on the Lying Employee

A common mistake employers make is to confront the lying employee immediately. The best action is to stop and wait as you begin to gather up the facts. Wrongfully accusing an employee can have a devastating effect on the relationship with them and other employees. Make sure to gather all the facts in writing or emails as well as observing the employee while at work.

#2 Talk with Your Lying Employee Face to Face

Except for the best liars, most people have a hard time lying when confronted face to face with their boss. Lying on the phone or by email is an easy thing for most people so make sure it is a personal face-to-face conversation you have with the lying employee. Remember to stay calm and that this will be a meeting and not an interrogation with the employee. Give the employee the opportunity to either give their part of the story or to save face and apologize if needed. While talking with your employee, make sure to ask them open-ended questions, such as how they feel about working with you and what they may have been working on lately.

#3 Taking the Right Action with the Lying Employee

After you have completed your conversation with the employee and have compiled the written evidence, you have to make some decisions. You must act if the lying employee violated any company policies or broke the law. You may decide on job probation, a stern lecture, and a follow up with the lying employee that the company will not tolerate this kind of behavior.

Look for the Truth

The truth will always come out.
The truth will always come out.

#4 Sometimes it is Best When Employees Handle Lying

Within any company or organization there can be some fraud or deception. Usually as a boss, there is no need to be paranoid about it. As with any social interaction that happens in an office environment, small lies and deceptions will happen. Unless these become bigger lies and deceptions, it is usually best to let the employees work it out with themselves.

It's All About the Work Ethic

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