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Build Your Steps to Success

Updated on December 2, 2017

Are you achieving anything?

As employees, many things can affect us psychologically. The working environment around us affects each one from the inside and out. However, it is known that the more you work, the more you learn. But, after all this pressure, did you ever ask yourself are you achieving? Are you getting somewhere?

Have you ever tried to look around while you were going to work? Have you ever tried to notice people's faces and expressions in the morning? How many people do you find smiling? All those points show how hardly work environment affects members. You may be delighted or you may spite it. But, at the end it will come back to you somehow!

Many words are always said to those who are willing to take a step forward and change their way, such as: "Don't even think about it! If you leave now you will not find another profession!" Or "Don't leave now, no one will accept you!"... etc.

With all of that, keep in your mind that you are the bravest of them all. At least you tried to change what is breaking you despite the consequences.


How to know where you stand!

"Don't be busy, be Productive!"

Having a Job is not about working all day and all night. Its about learning and producing too. How will you know if where you are is your place?

How to know if you had a productive day?

At the end of each day, evaluate your own self according to the following:

  • Did you learn something new today?

Every employee has the right to learn something from his leader every single day. No matter what is the personality of the member, he always considers the leader as a role model. He looks for something right and interesting around him. That helps increase his ability and positive energy. As a manager, this point should be one of the main points to be focused on.

  • Did you develop yourself today?

Anything right, changes a side of you to be better and better. You will realize that you are not in the right place when you are not developing at all!

  • Last but not least, Always ask yourself, are you growing?

A successful person runs after building not after accepting! Build the steps to your dream and never accept reality until you reach.

Right Decisions gets you to rights paths.

Self evaluating helps a lot. From that step you will be able to analyze those results and take the proper decisions. Staying in a place that is burying you more than building you will not show commitment. It will only kill your energy every day. Do not leave anyone in the middle of the road. But, at the same time, do not push yourself to the darkness. Balance between your commitment and your rights until you find the right time to stop. Then do not doubt taking the first step toward your dream.

No Matter what kind of comments you will hear from all those around you. Remember, you were the strong one to make a change.

"If you still did not find what you love, keep on looking till you find it!". One of the best motivational videos to help each one of us know what to look for.


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    • shprd74 profile image

      Hari Prasad S 8 weeks ago from Bangalore

      Very good article for professional growth. Bookmarking Noor.

      - hari

    • Ahmad Abulawi profile image

      Ahmad Abulawi 4 months ago from jordan

      great motivation article keep going...