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Big Apple Seeds: The Highest Paying Jobs in New York City

Updated on March 8, 2012

© 2011 by Aurelio Locsin

As the biggest city in the U.S., New York City boasts over 8.1 million jobs in an area that includes New York, Northern New Jersey and Long Island. The average wages are $26.48 per hour or $55,080 per year. This is 6 percent more than the mean for the state, which is $24.86 per hour or $51,700 per year. It is also 20 percent more than the average for the U.S., which is $21.35 per hour or $44,410 per year. All information is from the U.S. Department of Labor.


Not to say the New Yorkers have the best teeth, but if they or their children need their teeth straightened, they go to orthodontists. These specialists treat dental problems like misaligned jaws and crooked teeth by designing and fabricating dental appliances such as braces. The 320 in the city have the highest paying jobs in New York City, making a mean $109.29 per hour or $227,320 per year.


Anesthesiologists keep patients pain-free before, during and after operations, thus making them a necessary part of the surgical team. They meet with the patients themselves before and after operations to discuss treatments, and plan the best procedures with other doctors. During the operation, they monitor patient vital signs such as heart rate, respiration, temperature and blood pressure. The 2,970 in New York City earn a mean $108.04 per hour or $224,730 per year.


Chief executive orders are the final authority on the success of their companies. Their high compensation comes from salaries, stock options, incentives and bonuses, and is justified because their decisions affect the lives of employees, suppliers, customers and stockholders. About 13,030 work in the city for an average wage of $103.13 per hour or $214,500 per year.


Two more doctor specialists occupy the fourth and fifth spots for highest paying jobs in New York City. The first are obstetricians and gynecologists who specialize in women’s medical issues such as breast cancer, hormonal disorders and pregnancies. The 1,440 New Yorkers make a mean $91.60 per hour or $190,530 per year. The second are surgeons who treat medical problems through operations, and by manually manipulating internal body parts. They earn a mean $90.95 per hour or $189,170 per year.


Dental specialists rank sixth and seventh for high pay. Oral surgeons operate on the teeth, mouth, jaw, neck and head, with 770 making a mean $86.77 per hour or $180,480 per year. Other dental specialists include all those who are not general dentists, orthodontists or prosthodontists. They number 280 and make a mean wage of $81.31 per hour or $169,120 per year.

Natural Science Managers

Natural science managers coordinate the activities of scientists including chemists, biologists, geologists, medical scientists and physicists. They are typically scientists themselves who can conduct research, but focus on developing the projects of their teams. The 4,070 who work in New York City make a mean $81.17 per hour or $168,840 per year.

More Doctors

The last two jobs on the top ten highest paying jobs in New York City belong to more doctors. Psychiatrists treat mental issues by combining medicine, hospitalization and psychotherapy in individual or group settings. The 3,350 in the city average $80.96 per hour or $168,400 per year. General pediatricians focus on children’s issues and may see an individual from birth to the late teens. They number 3,150 and make a mean $77.77 per hour or $161,750 per year.


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