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Updated on November 19, 2009

Are you fed with in searching of internet jobs

Are you fed up with internet jobs, This is what many say after a long time strugle in internet jobs, Many jobs are available on internet or you can say many website are available on internet which says to have a great income like 100$ earning if you join us.

There is a very good saying that nothing is in free in this world. But this is not in case of internet jobs, Internet jobs are always free so dont fedup with internet jobs and just search a things on internet or try that jobs only on internet which are available in free .Well i have given my 5 years on internet just searching for a good income .

Who can earn money on internet ?

well the answer is simple every person can earn a handsome income on internet .just look what you know .and what you can do without any support of any one.And always keep in mind that an individual coming on internet is only search for some knowlege or in search of any content. dont sell any thing on your website .people want to be informed not to be sold on your website .If you keep this much in your mind and then host your website then i must say you can earn a handsome income from internet.

Now you will asked how can i earned in free without joining any website ?

Well he he he have pacious i believe in step by step.................not on jumping to the end of the story and please read this artircle carefully and please try to follow what i sed in this article regarding internet jobs. I have tried to cover all thing with in a small article .

So you may be in hurry of answer how you can Earn on internet.

Go to create any domain name like and choose one topic while creating your website...see the video tutorial on website how to create and host yourname website.And dont worry website donmain name is in free and hosting is also in free...

After creating yourname website please choose one topic in which you know every thing.for eg if you work as a photograper chosee your topic as (how to become a photographer in 1 day)

and create some content on it near about 12-20 article after creating the article for your website go to and sign up for a google adsense account.after getting approval from google adsense. Place a google adense code on your each page of your display a third party advertisement.when you place a google adsense code on each of your website page then google will start showing advertisment.And when any one visit on your website and clik on google advertisement you will be get paid by google .google pays in pay per click .single click will be enough to get atleast 0.50$ to 10$. Ads depend on your content on website so keeps tracking your earning and keep changing your website content .And see which content on your website making more money for you...

Now last part, Who will visit your website i mean when you get any traffic then only u can earn a good money from google adsense.1000-5000 visit daily is enough to earn 30-100$ daily on google adsense.

So 1st get ready with this which i teach you in this next article is all about website traffic only that how to get atleast 1000 visit on your website daily .so bookmark this page and keep visitng for next step.thank u .

For any query please free to email me @ (


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      Internet Jobs 7 years ago

      50web is a good web. a nice web hosting service also offer's paid hosting for domains.

    • dilipchandra12 profile image

      Dilip Chandra 8 years ago from India