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I Broke My Only Crayon

Updated on March 6, 2019
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Jacqueline Williamson is a retired educator with a BBA in Personnel Admin., an MPA in HR Management and an MS in Education.

It was my favorite color!
It was my favorite color!


So, you were excited about graduating from high school. This was the beginning of entering the world of adulthood. You dreamed of the day when you would never have to follow the strict rules your parents enforced. You were going to finally achieve self-actualization. There was only one more hurdle to conquer—a college degree. So, you embarked on obtaining that degree.

It seemed as if those four years passed in rapid succession and now you look forward to working in your chosen profession. No conventional job would satisfy you. No, this would be an idyllic union.

You were so sure that this would be a perfect match that there would be no need for a contingency plan. However, it didn’t quite work out the way you planned.

Your Favorite Crayon …

Most people enter adulthood with the expectation of obtaining that ideal job and settling into a long and prosperous career. There may be a few people who have multiple ambitions but having a single goal seems to be the norm.

So, what happens when you break not only your favorite crayon but the only one in the box? The months or years of preparation for that chosen profession becomes challenged. Either there is oversaturation in that field or advancements in technology have all but eliminated the need for your skills. There could also still be a need however, the competition is heavy in that area. What can you do?

Let’s explore three alternatives: mend the crayon, get a new one the same color or try a completely different shade.

You can always try to mend it … a broken one still colors!
You can always try to mend it … a broken one still colors!

Mend the Crayon ...

Let’s say that you want to stay with your chosen field. You studied to be a Computer Programmer for the X Corporation however, it is extremely hard to enter this career choice at this company. You want to work for no other company but the only available position is one as an analyst. You are confident that by obtaining the position as a Computer Analyst; it will eventually lead you to to your Computer Programmer position.

You bid for the job and get it. In the interim, you voluntary to work on projects under the direction of an experienced Computer Programmer while networking with others at The X Corporation. Patiently, you wait for an opening. It’s possible that this could be a long wait but at least you are working for The X Corporation.

Get a New One the Same Color …

Why not look for a Computer Programmer position at another company. Sure, The X Corporation is where you have wanted to work since high school and some of your friends have jobs there in other departments but if you are committed to being a Computer Programmer, then you should not just limit your options to just one company.

Do your research and find a compatible company in the same field. When you are working in your chosen profession, it is a lot easier to cope with environmental contingencies if there is not too much variation in the ideology of the company and yours.

Try a Completely Different Color ...

Being a Computer Analyst for The X Corporation could in fact be the perfect fit. You are working for the company you have always wanted, you have a chance to interact with your friends and you are still working in the computer genre. While you could possibly get a chance at being selected for an opening as a Computer Programmer—you are being realistic and not focusing entirely on this being an option.

You take the initiative and adjust your goals to a compromising alternative that allows you to move on with your career advancements but in a different direction. Instead of programming computers, you are analyzing them for strengths and weaknesses which can assist the programmers in their duties.

Conclusion …

This example can work with regards to several scenarios. The Fashion Model who decides to become a Fashion Designer. The individual continues the exposure but in a different way. Instead of wearing the clothes—she is designing them. The person who wanted to be a Doctor but becomes a Nurse Practitioner instead. You can choose either to explore variations of your chosen profession or working environment. You could also decide to become self-employed, creating your environment on your own terms.

Just because you broke your only crayon doesn’t mean that you should just throw it away and spend an unproductive life. You can mend it, replace it or just choose a different color. After all, it is your life—you do have choices in how you will live it!

© 2018 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS


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