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I Want To Advertise My Home Business For Free !

Updated on April 17, 2011

Getting information off the internet is like trying to take a drink from a fire hydrant !

That's how I felt when I first started searching around for work from home information, free advertising, online business opportunities, attracting wealth, and I had absolutely NO idea how to start my own business !

Do you find yourself just getting confused and feeling overloaded with information ? I know EXACTLY how you feel.

So lets take a drink from "the water fountain" rather than "the fire hydrant."

To be successful at advertising your business for free you MUST do the following EVERYDAY. (Just a few tips for now :)

* Place your ads in many, MANY free classifieds.

* Connect to Social Media sites and befriend people.

* Start a blog.

* Most importantly, NEVER EVER promote your business ! (I'll get into that more another time)

* Connect with successful people, learn from them !

For years all I did was promote my business, bug my friends and family, spent a ton on advertising and buying leads, and spent as much on product inventory. Guess what, I had nothing to show for it but $50,000.00 of debt !


Do you think it's complicated to advertise your business ?

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We Must Take One Small Step At A Time !


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