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Awesome Ideas for Lifestyle Business Entrepreneurs

Updated on July 7, 2018

Ideas for Lifestyle Business Ventures

Lifestyle is a person's way of life. Lifestyle involves:

  • How you live and spend your money.
  • What you do in your daily life.
  • Your behavior
  • Your living environment and its surroundings
  • What you do during your free time.

Lifestyle businesses add to the luxury of people. This article gives ideas of some businesses which an entrepreneur can venture in order to improve people's happiness. The target market for this lifestyle businesses is majorly well-to-do people who do not struggle to meet their basic needs. Those who have money to spare in otherwise useless things. Things that they can do without and still be happy, but they have money, they can buy them so they buy them.

The beauty of lifestyle businesses is that they are diverse and can be done from home, part-time or full time. You can juggle the business single-handedly even if you have a day job. Also, if you chose to focus on doing them as your major source of income, they can bring a fairly good amount of money to you. The best thing about lifestyle businesses is that you bring joy to people. You get to add the beauty and joy in people's lives. Lifestyle businesses are for the humans who are really good at being human and are not just after riches, but they like to see other people happy. The business can be very rewarding when you get established in an affluent neighborhood after proper marketing and a regular clientele.

Take a look at the ideas below and if you think of any other lifestyle business ideas please do leave your suggestions in the comment section.

Not everyone can start big, some of us have to start small and slowly build foundations for businesses that could become million dollar enterprises or greater.

House Decor Business

Home decor is a lucrative business to run since shelter is a basic need. So you will definitely find clients if you do market research and market your business properly. A house that looks beautiful and gorgeous on the outside will amaze the passers-by. A house that is stunning and gorgeous on the inside will give the owners a sense of comfort and fulfillment. People like to buy beautiful things so that their living space can proclaim their financial success. Some accessories can be used during the design stage and have to be installed by professionals. Some just need a little effort or maybe to be hanged on the wall or fixed. Every room in your house has its own functions and how you decorate them will depend on these functions.

Here are some amazing ideas for home decor and house accessories.

Lighting decor and lighting fixtures ideas: lampshades, chandeliers, candle holders, light garlands, curtains, decorative lights, personalized letters or bulbs.

Art and antique decor ideas: Other decorative accessories include artwork like paintings, pictures, sculptures, wallpapers, vases, centerpiece bowls, baskets, clocks, and frames.

Natural decor ideas: Potted plants, fresh flowers, fish bowl

Outdoor and Fun Activities Business

Families like to have fun together and there are families which are willing to pay for a day or two of having fun in a nice place. Be an event planner or better yet you could buy your own private garden or park for fun fairs, then beautify it and equip it to attract your customers.

Business that intend to satisfy pleasure seeking clients are likely to have seasons profits. You could have more clients in during holiday seasons than other times of the year. If you get a place that is near a rich neighborhood you could set your chages at the higher end.

You may draw an income from entrance fees, charges for activities or selling drinks. Some activities that you may offer include rides, merry-go-rounds, jumping castles, swimming among other kids’ games. Gaming place for adults or teenagers can also attract clients.

Fun Fair

A garden can also be hired out for small events which you can specify basing on its capacity. Weddings, parties, meetings can be held in gardens at a fee. When venturing into this kind of business, always remember to keep the security of your customers at the top of your priority list.

Gardening or Landscaping Business

Any luxurious home can be spotted from a distance because of its lush gardens and manicured lawns. Who does that work? Property owners need people to do the work for them and they also need to accessorize their landscape. You could offer your landscaping services (as a company) or you could sell landscaping accessories or equipment.

Your business can have the aim of improving the exterior appearance of homes. Consider these; selling tree, flower or other plant seedlings, huge vases, fountains, sculptures, outdoor furniture or landscaping equipment.

Car Wash and Car Accessories Business

If you want to attract good clients make your car wash unique, beautiful and huge. Make your car wash business environmental friendly by investing in systems that recycle your water. You would want to aim for those looking for luxury and do not want to get wet washing their own vehicles since they are busy making millions.

Car Wash

Cars need to be decorated as well especially the interior. You could have a car accessories business and if you have enough funds let it be a side business of your car wash business. These are some car accessories that you may consider selling. Scents, air fresheners, car mats, cushions, seat covers, steering wheel covers, decorative accessories, baby car seats and many more.

Body and Hair Care Business

People love taking care of their bodies hence, there could be an opportunity for you in the body care sector. It is a wide area here are some niche ideas from which you can pick your favorite.

Salons, barber shops to meet the need for hair grooming. You may include other services such as manicure, pedicure, facials, massage or even hair removal treatment as such as waxing. And for the women, shaping their eyebrows and applying makeup never gets old. Also, there is the trend that has driven some to love body art hence, tattooing or applying henna can be could be a good idea. You could also opt to sell bulk beauty products that are used in the salons or that can be bought by individuals such as creams, soaps, perfumes and all that you can think of

Fashion or Clothing Business

Clothing businessmen and women make people look wonderful. According to the theorist guy known as Abraham Maslow, self-esteem is one of the needs that people have.

Fashion seeks to meet this need. Everyone wants to look good or better. The better they look outside the more confident they will be. So you may take the risk of doing business in the fashion industry. Fashion majorly involves the mode of dressing, therefore, you could run a boutique selling clothing for men, clothing for women, children’s clothing, babies’ clothing. You may choose a specific niche like designer clothes, wedding dresses, men’s suits, sportswear and the like.

Clothes Shop

Fashion Accessories Business

Fashion Accessories complement a person’s look and have become part of some people’s lifestyle. Jewelry accessories are the major accessories that you can sell. There is a demand for jewelry since they are good as gifts or symbols for engagements and weddings.

Whatever standard of jewelry you sell whether they are made of diamonds or African beads will depend on your capital, where you want to set up your business and the economic status of your target market. Other fashion accessories that you may consider selling include these: scarfs, ties, caps, hair accessories, belts, bags, sunglasses or watches. The fancier the accessories, the better your chances of attracting customers will be.


Day Care Business

The modern-day parent has to juggle work and childrearing and to do this effectively, they need help. You could provide this help at a fee by setting up day are premises and have them bring their children over as they go to work and pick them up.

Alternatively, you could form a ‘nanny company’ and take care of their children or the house when they have gone to work. It is not just children that need babysitting, some people are willing to pay for pet-sitting. The part of the world that you live in will have a great impact on whether you can pursue this kind of business. Do consider that before you leap into the daycare business.

With time, if you manage your business successfully, and the profits and surplus keep coming; you can always expand your business and create more branches.

Not everyone can start big, some of us have to start small and slowly build foundations for businesses that could become million dollar enterprises or greater.

The businesses ideas here are meant to assist the entrepreneur to brainstorm potential market needs. A lot of factors will eventually determine your choice and whether you start the business, including available funds, location, suppliers, labor and the target market, among others. So what should be your driving force when you are considering to be a lifestyle business person? Lifestyle businesses fulfill the need for fun, luxury, and pleasure. Your products or services should meet these needs and be of high quality in order to keep your clientele growing or coming back for more.

Do you think lifestyle businesses can grow to "multibillion-dollar business" status?

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