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If the Why is Big Enough, the How will be Easy

Updated on February 25, 2016

by Amber Maccione

Back in August 2015, I quit my job to go and start my own business. I was terrified of making that jump because not only was I a single mom of two young children who relied on me for everything, I had no idea if I was going to make it or not. I just believed that I had what it took and put forth the effort every day to make my dream a reality.

I went to a conference one weekday recently and the speaker said that today, right now, is the time to get into business. Why? His reasons were:

  1. Technology and Social Media make it easy for advertising and creating a content marketplace.
  2. The economy is recovering.
  3. Interest rates are low.
  4. Capital is everywhere.
  5. There is 800 million dollars collecting dust, waiting for someplace to invest it.


So you think to yourself, “I have some dreams and ideas of what I would like to do.” What is stopping you from doing it? The key is to not worry about the HOW, but to worry about the WHY behind why you would want to fulfill your idea, your dream, and work for yourself. If your why is big enough, the how will be easy.

My Kids: Trea & Khia Rae
My Kids: Trea & Khia Rae

I got into business for myself because I was a single mom. My kids were in daycare and school. I wanted to be the one dropping them off and picking them up. I wanted to be the one getting them ready in the morning, asking them how their day was at school, making them dinner and eating it with them, and helping them with their bedtime routine. I wanted to be a constant presence in their life. Working a job where I left before they go up and got home when they were going to bed was not something I wanted to do. I didn’t want to miss out on them growing up. Therefore, starting my own business was my main solution to be able to be there for my kids. They are my number one reason why.

My second reason was twofold: I wanted to be debt free and independent. Right now I live with a roommate. My kids and I share a bedroom. I cannot afford to live on my own. If I had kept my job, I still would have been living paycheck to paycheck, no room to move up, and no hope for money to become more. With my own business, growth was endless; income potential was endless; there was hope for me to become financially free and independent. I could eventually buy my own house after repairing my credit.

Lastly, I love to travel. I have not been able to since my early twenties because money has not been there. I had two kids. I became a single mom. Bills piled up. Money became tight. My desire to travel was pushed aside. By starting my own business, yes, things are still tight right now, but the potential for financial freedom is right on the doorstep that I can taste it as I put forth the sweat and blood from hard work. I have a list already of the places I want to go to: Jamaica, Colombia, Brazil, Israel, Europe, and Australia.


So what is your why behind wanting to start a business of your own? If your WHY is big enough, the HOW will be easy.

With starting your own business, there are three keys to being successful. The first is to learn what all that have gone before you know. You have to build a team. When you have a team, everyone achieves more. You will not be good at everything that your business will require for growth. You need people, a team, to be there that can help with the things that are not your strong points. Be open to being coached. Be open to learning from others. Get a mentor. Build your network of people that will help your business grow. Your networth will be connected to your network. Remember that when you are building your team.

The second thing to remember if you want your business to be successful is to believe that it is possible. Positive thinking will get you positive results because your brain will be focusing on the positive. But you also have to have the hard work and passion behind that positive thinking. Just thinking positively, will not get your business success. But thinking positively, believing in yourself, and putting forth the sweat and blood of hard work will make it happen.

Lastly, to be successful, you have to be decisive and take action. Being in business means making decisions for things. You cannot sit back and hope things will work out. You have to make the hard decisions and take action immediately to gain the results you want. If a decision you make doesn’t work, don’t give up. Go back to the drawing board and rework things so that things do work out. The thing about business is trial and error. What doesn’t work, get rid of. What does work, keep doing that.

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So, you say you want to go into business for yourself? Write out your why and remember that when things get rough. Build yourself a team that will input wisdom into you and help your business become successful. Always believe in yourself and think positively that your business will become successful. And remember that hard work and making decisions will pay off as you learn from what works and doesn’t work, continuing daily to practice those things that prove to be successful.

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