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Importance of Persuasive Skill

Updated on February 6, 2010


Importance of Persuasive Skill

Persuasion is an act or the means of influencing the minds of others toward what you offer or to abide with what you like.

Typically, considerable weight has been put upon the importance of persuasion as a necessary characteristic of good salesmen. There is no doubt that this ability is important for the salesmen to have in order to sell merchandise. There is a demand for a salesman who is known as a persuader for it will mean bigger sales.

With the technological and scientific progress of the past decade, however, there has developed a need for the salesman who is an expert in communicating information about his products. This purveyor of information may well be in a position to help create needs for the prospect. The Dupont Company cites the case of a salesman who introduced a new water repellant chemical to a paper bag manufacturer who in turn sold a new high wet-strength bag to an ice company. High-level persuasion ability, then, is vital for a salesman to possess if he wishes to sell for companies which produce many new and changing scientific and technical products or services.


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