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Importance of promotion

Updated on January 14, 2016
A picture illustrating the importance of promotion
A picture illustrating the importance of promotion | Source

The introduction of promotion in many places of work has given positive and good result. There are many benefits associated with it which influence both workers and employers.

Promotion can be defined as an increase or advancement in any employee working under an organization to a better job, which includes increase in salary, rate of payment and more prestige. Promotion acts as propelling force to employees as it empowers workers to be more committed and possess great sense of responsibility. Do you like to be promoted?

Some promotions come as a result of the skills possessed by the employee, his commitment to organizational works and how much experience he has about the organizational operations.

What is the difference between upgrading, dry promotion and promotion? At this point, a clarification will be made between upgrading, dry promotion and promotion. Among these three, they are similar but 'promotion' stands out as promotion is promotion and nothing else. Upgrading occurs when more responsible job is assigned to an employee. Upgrading is the movement of an employee from a less responsible job to a more responsible one within the same occupational unit and with adequate increase in salary or wage. When a worker that teaches nursery school pupils is move to teach the secondary school students with increase in salary payment, it is an upgrade but when the teacher is moved from the nursery school teaching to the post of Commissioner of education of the state, it becomes promotion. The increase from nursery to secondary school teaching takes place within the same occupational unit while being commissioner of education occurs outside the occupational unit.

'Dry promotion' occurs when the responsibilities and status of an employee in a workplace is increased without additional money in his salary. Note that upgrading and 'dry promotion' is applied in developing of skills and capabilities of employees.

Promotion as the driving force to work and success.
Promotion as the driving force to work and success. | Source

The Importance of Promotion

Promotion in every organization is very import as it is of good benefit to both workers and the organization that employed them. The importance of promotion includes skill utility, workers continuity, improvement, reward, promotes zeal, satisfactory effects and self actualization.

Skill utility: Skill can be defined as a learnt ability or capacity which enables one to carry out function effectively. According to economic definition, utility is the ability of something to satisfy wants or needs. With the help of promotion given to organizational employees, they use the skill they acquired for the benefit of the company they work. They utilize their skills for the growth of the organization. Promotion permits an organization to utilize more effectively any skill and responsibilities that employees have developed in the course of their training and employment.

Workers continuity: Promotion engages employees with their work in organization and makes them to stay for a long time. It is the highest incentive to workers in any organization. Why should an employee whose wage was promoted from $2000 to $4000 think of moving to another company where he will not receive up to the payment made to him when he was promoted? He will not think of taking such nonsense decision because he knows he earns more and lives comfortably with the organization he works with. This will make him to work for a long time in the organization and put in his experience in upgrading the company at large.

Improvement: When an employee is promoted, he can take further step to improve himself as more responsibility is assign to him. He may even go the extent of engaging himself with part-time development programme in order to develop himself better and get improved on the quality of services he offer to customer that buy from the company.

Reward: Promotion serves as a reward for commitment in organizations. It is an evidence of appreciation for the work well done in the past. Employers use promotion as a 'thanksgiving' to employees for their unique and well carried out function. When someone is appreciated for what he did, he can do much better for the growth of the organization.

Promotion encourages worker to put in more efforts.
Promotion encourages worker to put in more efforts. | Source

Encourages zeal. Giving promotion to employees promotes their zeal to work for that organization. It increases the morale of the worker more and gives more effectiveness to the organization. If it is an organization that manufactures fifty thousand bottles of juice per day, with the help of promotion, the number of output per day can increase to fifty five thousand bottles per day. Honestly, money can make someone to do what he did not want to do and that is what money received from promotion does to workers. The money 'activates' and increases the workers morale.

Satisfactory effects: When workers are promoted in their organizations, it makes them satisfy and live comfortably. This enables them to settle all the debt they owe to people, pay his children school fees if married, and live good with less complain. An employee that is promoted can easily sponsor his day-to-day activities financially without much stress and enjoy life. The satisfaction can boost his relationship between people as he is now up and doing. With the increased salary, he ensures tight security in all he does unlike when he earned less.

Self-actualization: By giving varied and more challenging assignments, promotion helps workers to meet the need of self-actualization. According to Maslows, the basic needs of human must be met, which includes food, shelter, warmth, and sense of belonging. Self-actualization in this context can be the need to good and act in the way required as a human being.

In conclusion, this page discussed the importance of promotion. The importance applies to every work area in the world. To promote workers is good and can result to rapid growth of organizations.


Principle and Practice of Management by Vincent O


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