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11 Most Important Stationery Items for Your Home-Based Business

Updated on March 9, 2012

No matter what sort of home-based business you have set up, stationery items become a core part of your business. Whether you are a freelance writer, web designer, graphic designer, or architect, or you sell your own products and services on the Internet from your home, a few important stationeries are a must. While you might be focused in setting up the most important elements of your home-based business, such as a work desk, a computer, books, and other materials, remember that stationery items are equally important to support your business at home. To save your time and manage your business effectively, you must prioritize these basic items. Here is a list of the 11 most important stationery items that you must have for your income system at home.

  1. Writing pads: It is one of the most important of the stationery items that you must have handy anytime. You can in take quick notes, jot down phone numbers and addresses, list down the requirements of your client and customers, etc. Make sure to a few new writing pads ready beforehand so that you need not rush to your nearby stationery shop as you run out of the one you are already using.
  2. Pencils, sharpeners, and erasers: A few sets of these items are highly essential for a home-based business. Pencils are quite easy to carry anytime and you can use them for roughly noting down points in your notepad. Pencils become more useful when you have to discuss a rough plan with your business partner or a delivery process with your customers. Keeping a set of sharpener and eraser handy with you helps in situations when you need to sharpen the pencil for clear writing and erase the text you do not want or you wrote by mistake. The advantage is that you save paper by optimizing its use.
  3. Fixing board and board pins: These are equally important for your business system at home to fix important lists, schedules of your work, meeting plans, deadlines of a set of tasks, and so on for your regular reference. Having the board in place also makes your work place at home look professional and gets you into a working mood like you would work at an office environment.
  4. Text highlighters: A set of these at your work place at home can help you perform many important tasks. It can be best used to mark your important tasks for later reference. Especially, if you are looking for specific information from a number of different printed resources to collate them, or some important phone numbers from a phone diary to call your customers for any work-related reasons, you can easily highlight them and refer to them any time.
  5. Sticky notepads: These are just so awesome at any home-based work environment. Whether you want to remember a few things from tomorrow’s work schedule, or something you want to be reminded almost everyday, sticky notes are really helpful. Just write down what you need for the next hour or day and stick it in front of your computer system, on the fixing board, or even on the work desk. These notes work as perfect reminders. It may also be helpful to have them in different colors – say your yet-to-complete tasks in yellow and already completed tasks in green.
  6. Glue bottle or glue stick: This is another stationery item that you must have at your home-based income system. Human errors are inevitable and you may tear off a paper that you realized later you should have in place. Make use of the glue or slue stick. You need to affix a stamp on an envelope that you may have to send to a client or customer urgently; you must have the glue readily available at your place to save your important time.
  7. Paper clips: There would be days when you keep working and sorting your work-related papers all the time. Simply use the paper clips to keep one set of papers aside and start gathering the next set on your work table. That way you keep your work organized and do not misplace something important.
  8. Stapler and stapler pins: These are definitely an obvious requirement for any home-based business system. Whether you want to keep a set of cash memos or related papers together, staple them and keep them safe. Also, ensure that your stapler is always loaded with the stapler pins fixed in order.
  9. Color pencils and sketch pens: Using sketch pens or color pencils to show a plan or design a rough sketch is a more professional approach in your work and adds clarity to what you explain to your clients and customers on paper.
  10. Measuring scale: It is indeed very important to have a measuring scale at the work place of your home business. You can draw tables and other graphical pictures on papers, as and when required. You can also use the scale to ensure proper alignment when you write on a paper or even want to tear off a part from a page. If you are a work-from-home architect, you will anyway require different types of measuring scales.
  11. Printer machine and A4 size papers: A must item again for taking necessary prints, may be to share with people in your business network. One great way of promoting your business in the market is to post advertisements at different applicable places. You will need to take prints to distribute and market your business at your locality. You will also need these items to get hardcopies of important documents that your customers may need anytime.

In addition to the above-mentioned items, you can also have a pair of scissors, ink pens, ink, and file folders, etc. as per your business requirements.

Many of us must have looked around for simple things like a pencil or pen in a bookshelf when we need to note down something important. Very often, we also use the blank spaces on our newspapers to write down important phone numbers and contacts. Stationery items play a vital role in running your home business efficiently. It is really time saving if you have these stationery items handy when you begin to arrange other important items for your home-based business.


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    • NewComer profile image

      NewComer 5 years ago from India

      Thanks much urgurl_bri.

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      Brandi Swieter 5 years ago from Holland, MI

      Great list. So very true.