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Impromptu Interview, Acing It in 5 Steps

Updated on November 2, 2011
Best foot forward.
Best foot forward. | Source

5 Steps

There are lots of information out there about how to conduct yourself in an interview, but there are only a few things you have to remember. Keeping in mind that people all want to be treated well and enjoy their lives makes all the difference in any situation.

Interviews are no different, except you want a job and the interviewer wants to find the best person to fill a position that best suits the company and their goals. Think of the person and how you would feel in their position.

It is always important to remain professional, but not unapproachable.

Being yourself

  1. honesty is paramount
  2. be pleasant
  3. sell yourself, first impressions really do make the best impact, those first few minutes, actually in some cases seconds can get you in the door
  4. dress nicely, you always want to be presentable at all times, regardless of the business dress code
  5. be on time, punctuality counts it tells a lot about your reliability, if you ever think you will be running late, call your contact so they are aware, people are appreciative of this courtesy

Be relaxed, remember you want to work with these people so don't be stiff.

  1. smile
  2. greet everyone
  3. listen to what people are saying, try not to cut them off when speaking
  4. pay attention
  5. be open and friendly
  6. be curious, ask questions

Review your resume

  1. tweak your information to suit the position you are interested in
  2. have a cover letter specifically for the position you want or a general letter that covers you skills and your interests
  3. have a list of references and telephone numbers, just in case they are needed
  4. have a few lines you have rehearsed that you can use on any interview

Be knowledgeable about the company, about you can fit in

  1. what they sell, manufacture or produce
  2. what is their motto, slogan or what they stand for
  3. What appeals to you

General information about the skills you want to sell

  1. know your strengths
  2. know your weaknesses
  3. never talk about other people, former bosses, fellow employees, etc

Always keep in mind that you are selling yourself. You are a product that a company will be paying for in the form of a salary if you are hired. Remember you want to be liked but you also want to in a few minutes set forth what an asset you will be to the company you interview with and the skills you bring to the table.

Interviewing can be scary but it doesn't have to be especially, if you know yourself, are familiar with your resume, your skills and have some knowledge of the position and company you want to work for.

Going on lots of interviews helps to become proficient. Like they say 'practice makes perfect'. If you can't manage this professionally think of it in terms of meeting new friends or people on the street.

Self talk is good for this, knowing yourself is even better.

When you are prepared through practice and more practice, you will discover that any interview is a cinch and acing them whether you get the job or not makes you feel a great sense of accomplishment.

Remember selling any product well all starts with the packaging, what it is good for and what it has be proven to succeed at, all the weaknesses are in small type and down played, in favor of all the advantages it presents.

Think of yourself as the best product on the market.

Things to be aware of :

  1. body language, it should be open, engaging, try not to cross your arms
  2. make eye contact
  3. take a moment to think before speaking
  4. don't discuss money, right away, if the subject is brought up give a negotiable window from the least amount you are willing to accept to the highest that you feel is appropriate
  5. be courteous, show off your best manners

Note: it is good to always update your resume often especially if you acquire new skills.


  1. Be courteous
  2. Smile
  3. Use your best manners
  4. Know what you are selling
  5. Carry an updated resume


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