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Improve Your Website Using The Magic of Altruism.

Updated on May 8, 2020
Abhrajit Barui profile image

I am a Article Writter. I am writting about Website development Blogging, Internet marketing and Business plans related topics.

Well, I usually talk a lot about off page optimization here because I believe that most people struggle with that, however today I want to give you some tips to improve your SEO and your website usability by helping your visitors to get what they want.

On-page SEO is not that complicated but some people forget some basics as proper keyword research and linking away from your site.

I am not going to cover keyword research today because this will take forever.

If you want to get good at SEO then you need to master keyword research but that is not going to happen overnight.

To be honest, I try to learn something about this subject on a daily basis and now I can see how I was wrong when choosing some keyword phrases in the past.

But that is ok because now I know how to pick a good term and most important, I can easily identify why a certain keyword is not the right fit for a particular website.

Understanding Some Foundations of SEO.

That is enough about keywords, now let me share with you some benefits of proper on-page SEO and how outbound links (the links used as external referrals) can improve your rankings and also increase your site authority.

Well, if for some reason you are not linking away from your blog, I will give my rules in case you are afraid of using that strategy; just in case you think on how it can affect your Page Rank and in consequence your own rankings.

My Personal Rules.

To keep it simple I think a good rule of thumb is to have at least two outbound links on each post you write.

I try to do this. And my rules are pretty simple; whenever I am linking away I add the nofollow tag on the hyperlink and I will never link to a resource with a PR below mine.

Why? In order to keep my own authority!

Listen, when you have a PR3 or 4 website doesn’t make sense to link to a PR2 or below because your site already has more authority than those sites. And if you think a bit you will realize that linking to an inferior website can smell like you are selling or renting links to make those websites rank higher. This is not a good thing!

Linking to Authority Sites.

Now let’s analyze the common sense, if you are involved with SEO for a little bit you heard about using Wikipedia as a safe outbound link. What are your thoughts on that?

Well, I think you know the answer… Wikipedia is a huge authority site with PR9 I believe, so when linking to it this cannot be considered a favor. It’s just a natural way to provide more relevant information to your readers. That is it.

The Wikipedia strategy is really old, it has its value but if you want to diversify you should focus on big sites on your own niche.

A great way to build those links in a really natural way is creating lists.

Using Lists on Your Strategy.

Lists are great for this purpose.

You can list the best blogs on your niche, the tools you are currently using or like I did, tools I am considering using in the near future. You can be creative when linking away from your site.

Well, at the beginning I talked about altruism, as a matter of fact you can use that “linking away stuff” to benefit yourself but it makes a lot more sense when you apply the same strategy to help others, when you help your visitors find what they want.

That is the reason why I think you must have a huge list of resources, it can be tools for research, good blogs, YouTube channels and whatever you think you need to make your business a great success.

Increasing your Domain Authority And why is this so powerful now?

Well, when researching I read an article on Search Engine Land about the most important factors after the most recent updates (the latest was Penguin 4.0 by the way) and up high on the list I saw page authority and domain authority.

For me, I know that in order to improve those two factors, consistency is the key.

You have to have not just quality content, but you also need a good amount of posts (quantity) if you are considering improving your domain authority overtime.

This can be seen in two different perspectives, and you choose the best fit for you.

If you are just playing around to see how it goes, I think you will have a hard time to see any success on this type of business however if you take this online world serious, it can take a while but once you build your own authority it’s going to be easier to keep your leverage over your competitors.

And when that happens, well you won’t need much effort to keep you on top.

So, take it serious, focus on blogging, link building and on the good stuff.

Work hard now so you won’t have to work harder later.

That is it everyone. Please like it, tweet it and share this post with your friends.

Take care!


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