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In Need of a Testimonial? Here's a Professional Actor Who Will Provide You with an Amazing Testimonial for only $5!

Updated on June 20, 2016

Getting It Right

After trying hard to create my own video testimonial, I realized that things aren't going as planned. Firstly, I am a writer, and a Fiverr seller who'd never dare stand in front of a camera, much less deliver a full-blown testimonial about my business. I had a dilemma of which needs solving fast as my business might depend on the video for my product.

Reading up online about why a testimonial might be necessary, you find that presenting your business or reviewing your product in a video raises the chances that you might have potential customers knocking on your doorstep for your services. You are 60% more likely to receive a customer if you present yourself and your business as professional, therefor it could be an essential step to enlarging my business.

My main problem was finding the right person for the job. I searched website after website until finally I found the perfect gig on fiverr... Now I would like to recommend this to people who are in the same position I have been in.


"If my customers are happy, I am even happier knowing that I made a difference in a positive way." - his quote on fiverr.

The first thing I noticed when looking upon his gig, was the fact that he has not 1, not 2, but 20 five star reviews! May I just say that I am impressed... And looking at his reviews, there isn't a single unhappy customer of his.

As you can see, this is by far one of the best testimonial presenters out there.

Another thing that absolutely amazed me was the low price of just $5 dollars, and for those of us who are just starting to get on our feet with our businesses, and for those of us looking for a professional work, but for a low price, this is a bargain.

Click Here To View His Gig and Order

5 stars for I will create a natural video testimonial


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