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Inclusions For An Internal Audit Schedule

Updated on June 28, 2017
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As the founder of KLM Audit & Compliance I relieve the stress and worry business people often feel when dealing with compliance issues.

Where to start

As we start the new financial year our thoughts turn to our plans and goals for the coming year.

Your internal audit schedule should be included in your business plan to help you monitor and improve each element of your business

Not sure where to start?

Beyond the requirements of external standards, regulations and legislation, knowing what to include in your annual internal audit schedule can be frustrating!

This quick guide has been designed to look at a few simple audit ideas for different departments within most businesses and to give you some starting points to create a basic audit schedule.

For Your Information

Please note - This information is intended for use as a guide only and is not to be considered stand alone audit or compliance advice

Human Resources


Risk Management

Administration / Reception



Internal Audit


Information Communications Technology


Quality Assurance


Warehouse / Distribution


Research and Development

Want More?

For a detailed discussion on your audit and compliance needs contact us on

0407 690 046

Want more resources? - visit our website

© 2017 Katrina McKenzie


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