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Simple methods to increase your website traffic

Updated on April 19, 2010

Increase website traffic

Increasing traffic can be extremely difficult for webmasters, and bloggers. Below I have listed a few simple ways to increase website traffic that are commonly overlooked. These methods are simple and can usually be implimented in just a few moments.

Change Your Writing Style

Creating keyword rich pages (krps) is the first step to getting listed in search engines. Find the most effective keywords and keyphrases on your topic, offers a service which will allow you to find the best keywords on your topic. Try to place atleast one keyword or keyphrase in every sentence of your website content, and your most popular keyword in your title.

Building backlinks

Building backinks to your website is a good traffic source for two reasons. Backlinks pointing to your website creates a spiderweb that will catch traffic all over the internet. Secondly, Search engines Obviously will point there visitors to the most popular websites first. The more backlinks you have the more popular your site seems to the search engines. This could be the most important method you can use to increase website traffic.

Use images to increase website traffic

How can images increase website traffic? The search engines goal is to think like a human in order to provide thier visitors with the best search results, and Its only human to judge a book by its cover. The more eye appealing your website, the more likely visitors are to use it. Sites with 2 to 3 unique images on each page, will rank higher in search results. You can also use your images to squeze in one more keyword, change your image alt tag to represent a keyword you need to place in your content.

Keep it short and sweet

Keep webpage content short, precise, and to the point, and break it up into 4-5 sentence paragraphs. Internet surfers view long written articles as a chore, and simply feel they don't have enough time to read long articles. Remember, search engines are trying to think like a human, and they can only bring you traffic its your job from there to have a eye appealing website that surfers will want to stay on.

Update your content

Think of a routine drive you make, normally you will only notice your surroundings when they change. The same goes with your website, consistelntly Update website content and products (atleast once a month) Otherwhise it will just blend in and will fall in search engine rankings.


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    • profile image

      James 9 years ago

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