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Increased Development of Mobile Applications Created Demand for Java Experts

Updated on June 24, 2013

Desktop PC’s are slowly losing its ground to smartphones and tablets; cloud becomes the norm for software development; mobile applications and Web services push aside the desktop applications- the changes have resulted in a paradigm of shifts in the way software is created. The software development organisations whether large or small are rapidly moving to adopt these new changes and new tools to make the most of emerging opportunities and altered computing environments.

In order to meet the modern application development requirements a cross functional approach is needed. Here is a description of how the leading edge developments are confronting the new frontier of challenges.

Emphasis on mobile first development

One of the most evident trends from the respect of end-users, developers and customers is emphasis on mobile-first development. As there is a huge proliferation of applications, infrastructure needed to support them was also huge. If Software as a Service (SaaS) is deployed it requires rigorous and complex practices.

On the other side, changing practices for the sake of going mobile does not at all make sense unless it is backed by sound business strategy. Therefore, without being caught up in the mobile first strategy it is vital to consider customer value provided by mobile application. Analysing the value it is possible to come up with the right tool for the job.

Finding out the right mix of development methodologies for the project needs

It is a thing of the past to confine the development team to one particular methodology. The developers have to pull in new practices to solve all the emerging problems. Therefore, the wars over the development methods like agile, waterfall, XAP and so on are quickly being replaced by flexible approaches that are used to produce a refined product. A practice cannot be apt for all projects. The requirements of the clients also play a major role in determining the practice suitable for a project.

The cross functional teams and shorter lifecycles

The mobile first philosophy has also changed the application lifecycle in a most striking way. In order to make certain changes in the field of Web development, it is not necessary to create a full QA rules each time. It is possible to manage small alterations like modifying texts by skipping the usual process. It hardly has an impact on the users. However, application developers for mobile and desktop have to come up with new versions each time a change has to be incorporated.

A shorter lifecycle is allotted for these changes as it is very difficult to assess customer value without measuring it. This has triggered development of a new team called devops which is a combination of the development team and the operation team who ensure to deliver the software into the hands of consumers without pain. Some organisations have a difficult time in shifting to cross-functional roles. However, such a shift is slowly becoming imperative.

Great deal of attention to HTML5

HTML 5 and the role it can play become hugely popular in this when the focus is on mobile first development. The HTML5 is best for enterprise applications such as at the time of designing data-submission form. At present situation, HTML 5 is an ingredient that is used to create an application’s overall composition instead of creating an entire application.

Different types of software are produced aiming mobile and service oriented market in order to develop new techniques to suit the evolving trends. Desktop programs are predominant for several years are now supplemented by mobile applications.

The changes spurred the demand for Java professionals, who are expected to create new solutions, use traditional tools for new cases and develop and test cloud platform. If you are interested in making a career in the Java field, consult with a reputable Java recruitment agency. They can come up with apt suggestions for your career progression.


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