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Eight Quick Tips For Increasing Productivity At Work

Updated on April 14, 2017

Regardless of the kind of work life you have, there is always a possibility of getting distracted. You can lose your concentration due to interruptions like phone conversations, gossiping co-workers and unplanned meetings.

Distractions are inevitable in the workplace and taking breaks between your work would help you stay focused on your task. Taking breaks is another way to refresh your mind and get back to work. But when you take too much time away from work, you are more likely to disrupt your productivity.

It is true that you may not have the ability to phase out all disturbances but you can carry out the following to reduce them to the smallest.

Here are some ways to increase productivity at work:

1. Go to a different location

Due to countless distractions, it is not possible to finish the project on time. In that case it is best to leave your work space and go work somewhere else. It may be a quiet office or conference room and if your boss allows for flexibility, you can do some of your work remotely.

2. Shut your door

If you find yourself getting distracted by your colleagues, you can make use of your door to aid you in curbing the noise. Shutting your door can assist you in getting back to work and you can keep it shut till you have completed your task.

Note: This applies to those who have their own office

3. Use your headphones

If you realise you are loosing concentration at work due to the noise emanating from other people, you can use a pair of headsets that have noise cancellation features or you can listen to music.

In this way you are less likely to hear what is happening around you and are less likely to get distracted.

4. Work in solitude

Another great way to stay focused and increase productivity is to work when no one is not around. This can help speed up work process when there is one present to chit chat with or turn your focus away from work. If possible, you can carry out your tasks when you are alone by staying after work hours and finishing up with fewer or no distractions.

5. Change your seat

If you see that other people at work are chit-chatting, talking loudly, making to much noise etc. and you are continuously getting distracting, the best thing you can do is change your seat. Find an empty desk or where you can go and work or better yet find an empty room. Make sure nobody knows where you are so that they won't come and check up on you out of curiosity. Just let your boss and team leader know where you are otherwise they may suspect that you have ditched work and gone home.

6. Have a cup of coffee

Have a cup of coffee, I am sure it is on the house! There are plenty of ways coffee helps in boosting productivity. It increases your energy, focus and attention, everything you need to pass the day with awesome work performance.

7. Take a break

Every now and then taking a break is important, it relaxes the brain making space for new and creative ideas. You might be thinking that you are wasting your time but your not. Work smart not hard. 10 - 15 minutes of break could lead to 45+ minutes of work efficiency.

Get of your chair and go for a short walk, look outside the window, chat with your friends, play some games or take a nap. Anything you need to get yourself motivated and back to work.

8. Inform your co-workers

A friendly approach which can be adopted is by informing your colleagues to help you out. Politely explain to them that you need peace and quite to get your work completed. This could include reduction of loud laughter, loud phone ringing tones etc.

You could ask your co-workers to lower their voices while they gossip. If you are lucky, you may have friends who are friendly enough and would be willing to assist you.

Final words

Interruptions in the workplace disrupt productivity. By taking the steps above, you would be able to ensure that interruptions are reduced to the barest minimum. The result would be an increase in productivity that would be beneficial in the long run by increasing your efficiency at work.


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    • MuhammadAmeen89 profile image

      Muhammad Ameen Sheikh 12 months ago from Lahore, Pakistan

      Thanks for your comment Dasia.

      Regarding "Working in solitude", this can help speed up work process when no one is around to chit chat with or distract at work. I read that paragraph again and I could understand who confusing this point can be, so I did a bit of rewriting to make it sound better :)

      Follow me on hubpage for other interesting hubs

    • Dasia Toston profile image

      Dasia 12 months ago from North Carolina

      Great article. Staying focused is challenging when many people are in action. Its more difficult for some to stay focus when no one is around. When reading, I didn't really get how working in solitude can help.